News from Cowboy Dressage and Light Hands Horsemanship

Although “retired” Eitan and I continue to run at warp speed. With the popularity of the new Western/Cowboy Dressage Division, Light Hands Horsemanship and our own Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship I don’t know what we were thinking when we thought we could retire. We no longer take outside training horses but life continues at a hectic but fun and exciting. I think our retirement is just more of a change of direction than it is slowing down. It is a good thing we love what we do because we sure do a lot of it.

Our LHH website is updated for 2010 with highlights from 2009. There is now a new LHH blog that you can visit at:  We have also added a page to our own site ( for those of you are interested in competing in the new Western Dressage Division. This page will give you specs, rules and tests. There are two shows coming up that will include this new competition. The Mother Lode Show (open to all breeds for WD) and the Morgan Medallion.  Both in CA.

Our 2010 school dates are up for our Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship. This is very popular and slots for 2010 are filling fast. I can guarantee you 5 days of in depth and inspiring horsemanship. Visit our website for details and availability.

For those of you living in the TX, OK area Eitan and famed Texas legend Jack Brainard will be doing two 5 day clinics in Whitesboro, TX this fall. See our website and clinic page for information.

Eitan’s new DVD, Poetry In Motion is now available. Eitan covers equine anatomy and movement and cadence. It is easily understood and education friendly with a menu and chapters.

We wish you all many happy trails and a successful show season.

To get the full “scoop” we invite you to visit the address below for more   news,  happenings and details.

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