Buckeye in Wilmington, OH

I am going to be attending this show and was wondering if any of you folks have shown there?  I tried to Mapquest directions but was unsuccessful. 

What are these show grounds like?  Is the show well attended?  Any advice for showing at this show?


Thanks in advance!


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  1. bluedesiign says:

    There are a few different barns that each consist of an aisle of stalls. If there aren’t a lot of horses everyone might fit inside the big building. There is a big warm up ring and there is a smaller one. Most people warm up in the big one and then go into the small one and do all the finishing touches (tail, wipe down etc.) There isn’t a lot of room in that ring. The show ring is pretty nice. There are bleachers along one side of the ring. I suggest that you take something to sit on if you are going to watch some classes. A sore butt will come easy on those bleachers. Overall, I think it is a nice place to show at. I guess it is under new ownership so things might be a little different than I described. I didn’t go last year.
    I would suggest bringing something that can cover your horse in case it rains before a class. Just in case you end up in one of the separate barns. Other than that, I think that it is a fun show to attend. I have always enjoyed it!

  2. j.a.b. says:

    Try http://www.robertsarena.com for directions and info.
    It is a decent facility with some remodeling/upgrades done for this year. It is my understanding that Max & Erma’s restaurant are doing the concession this year, not that the food was bad before, actually it was quite good considering.
    It is a decent sized show, although I don’t remember the number of entries from last year but it was a decent sized show. Last year the following training barns were there: Sunny Acres (NY), Sterling (MI), Rosewood (IN), Memory Lane, Cape Cod, Society (OH) and several others.
    The camping area seems to be in a parking lot but in most cases you can park your trailer or even your camper near your stabling area, nice for quick changes etc.
    There are several outdoor rings that you can use for warm up and quiet exercise if you wish. They are seperate from the show area used for this show. Bathing facilities for the horses are outside or there are a couple of wash areas in the barn that is attached to the show building.
    Not sure what other info you would need, beyond what has been mentioned it is the same as most other shows.
    Have fun!

  3. IloveEv says:

    Thanks for the replies! I am very, very excited for this show.
    Thanks again!

  4. lmstew says:

    You can contact Jim Stewart, Manager, about the Buckeye Morgan Challenge. (He’s my husband) We’re excited about this year’s show – the facility is under new management (the people that actually own it) and they have worked hard to make it better. New footing in both warm-up ring and show ring. They have also painted the inside of the warm up arena and redone most of the stalls and footing in them. They have generally “cleaned up” the facility. Hope to see you there!!

  5. IloveEv says:

    We are definitely going :) I sent my entries last week. How is the camping? I am so excited…I can hardly wait!! :-)


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