MJMHA Showtime Thank You!

MJMHA, Showtime Horse Show

Show Manager’s – Thank You

On behalf of the MJMHA Showtime Show Committee I would like to thank all exhibitors, class sponsors, trainers and volunteers who participated and helped make Showtime a success. A special thank you to Crystal Farms, Morgan Valley Farm, Sterling Training Center, Triumph Stables and Northern Winds Stable for your generous sponsorships of Showtime’s exhibitors parties.

Our committee and the MJMHA board of directors were concerned, given the difficult economic conditions especially in Michigan, whether we could conduct a successful competition. A minimum number of volunteers and substantial fixed costs are required to host a show whether we have 50 horses or 150 or more horses. We loose substantial monies on the lower number and break even at about 120 for Showtime at the Pavilion.

I was asked to manage this Show after Lynn Burch our initial manager could no longer devote the time necessary to complete the remaining tasks. She and Sue Hall had already completed many of the contractual requirements and deserve to be recognized for their work. Preparing for the next years show starts soon after the current one is finished. Additionally Michigan continues to loose venues with appropriate facilities for our shows, making scheduling even more difficult. Resolving these tasks, signing contracts and issuing deposits almost a year in advance requires a lot of work. Lynn and Sue handled these long lead-time tasks.

Once we know the location, show dates and who will judge our show we need a prize list. Jeanne Tressler performed this very detailed task taking into consideration suggestions from previous years. Bill Tressler managed stabling, doing his best to insure all horses are safely stabled with bedding available. Peggy McMahon and Janet DeVito McMahon co-managed the on site camping facilities. Jennifer Rose and Kathy Rose ordered and coordinated trophies and ribbons. Jennifer Vida and Dan and Elizabeth Kazup, arranged for gate personnel and announcer clerks. Stephanie Cooke acquired, set up and managed the audio system and music, having to attend every session. Russ Hall managed hospitality and resolved several tasks that always crop up interfacing with Pavillion staff. Tera Zimmerman and Stephanie Sigler managed the social highlight for all who attended, the 50’s Party and dinner complete with classic car. These two volunteers also purchased, delivered and arranged the flowers for center ring as well as set up and removed the trail class obstacles, and collected and displayed the silent auction items. They deserve a special thank you for the sheer amount of work this entailed, as well praise for the excellent results.

I would also like to thank all those who helped with the last minute ”could you give us a hand with this” category. I can’t begin to remember or list all the names because there were just too many. The Showtime Committee and I appreciated all the help, Thank you!


Bob Verbal

Showtime Show Manager

3 Responses to MJMHA Showtime Thank You!

  1. IloveEv says:

    I would like to comment on this show. I attended this show this year and I have to say, if you want to come to a really,really fun show, consider putting Showtime on your 2010 show schedule. MSU livestock pavillion is a GREAT venue to show at, the stalls are great, the warmup area is very nice, the competition is great and there are no nicer people than in the good ol’ midwest!

    I only wish there was another Morgan show at MSU it’s so nice there!!



  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Julie,
    Glad you had a great time! MSU is a great venue and they are booked all year long!

  3. jns767 says:

    I helped out with the gates one evening and I have to say Jennifer V. and her mom were incredibly gracious and freindly. I met some very nice people and am glad I did it! Although I had a few troubling rides on “my” naughty gelding, the show itself was a blast!!! I would also reccomend that people attend – I was so excited to see horses that I’ve only seen in magazines attend – woohoo!!

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