Weanlings @ Grand National

Hey folks, this is something I’ve been curious about in the past but have never gotten around to asking anyone.  I’ve noticed there are no weanling in-hand classes at Grand National (or through World Morgan Futurity).  I’m curious what the reason is for this?  Has this always been the case?  What’s your opinion of this?  If they were added would you participate?

I’m not saying I have a problem with them being left out.  There are a lot of reasons I could come up with for them to be excluded.  I’m just curious what the actual reason is, and what the general consensus is as far as whether they should be included or if things are good the way they are?


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  1. colwilrin says:

    I always assumed it was too long of a show, and too far of a journey (for many who go there) for a horse so young.

  2. StacyGRS says:

    I don’t know the official reason, if there is one, but I’d agree that it’s a long week for babies…even if you just include the days of the show, 8 is alot. Then, there’s the trip…when the weather is changing. Babies spreading sickness can be a mess. Then you add that the time of year is getting awfully close to the beginning of the “uglies” that most yearlings go thru:) Seems like they have plenty of time to do that and plenty of pressure alredy applied with the futurities…I like that they aren’t at GN.

  3. Windenhill says:

    Everything Stacy said. It’s generally a terrible time of the year for babies, really growthy and ugly in October, even if you body clip them. And for them to be competitive, it would require them spending most of the year leading up to the show in a stall and being prepped, which is not what little babies should be doing!

    It’s really hard on the yearlings as well, many times they pickup illnesses there and have a hard time recovering. Better not to be in a rush with the youngsters.


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