New Look has a new look!  I have officially transferred the blog from BlackEyeBeth’s servers and updated the look.  Not all previously supported features will be available right away.  Please email if you notice any problems with the blog, or if you notice any missing features you would like me to bring back.

5 Responses to New Look

  1. empressive says:



    Neat too.

    Your obviously having fun! LOL

  2. empressive says:


    Do we get Avatar’s now? I see a grey square with a little white people figure inside? Maybe my eyes are screwy….

  3. love-equitation says:

    I love it!

    However, I think the name of who posted a comment should be below not above. Just doesn’t seem right, lol.

  4. RaeOfLight says:

    Yeah, I’m still figuring out all the options, etc, available with this theme. There were a lot of software updates that occurred when I did the transfer, so a lot of new stuff I’m still finding. I do agree on the comments. I think there is a way to set up avatars, but I haven’t found yet how you set your own.

  5. GraceMorgn says:

    I love the new look. Maybe it is just me, but I would like the text slightly bigger. I am having a hard time finding things and reading them. I find myself squinting closer to the screen. Otherwise, looks good.


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