Amateurs II

Bringing up the Amateur topic again, I am a bit confused about where to draw the line. I do not receive ANY compensation to ride horses, but for free, I ride and show my trainer’s horses. I do not pay her, and she does not pay me, I do not take lessons either. I pay for the horse show expenses on the horses I take to shows, and in fact own 1/4 of the Bobby Sox horse I show (it’s a lon on ong story). So, even though I’m not riding my own horse in the ring, does that still make me an ammy? I really want to be clear on the rules :). I suppose I can ask the show sec. too, but they get so busy.

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  1. leslie says:

    Unless the class is specifically designated as amateur owner to ride (which is rare on the Morgan circuit, I think) then it doesn’t matter if you ride a horse owned by someone else.

    And as long as you’re not getting free or discounted services (like board or training) in exchange for riding, then you’re fine to show amateur.

  2. jns767 says:

    Thank you Leslie.

  3. pduback says:

    Wow I didn’t realize I would get such a long thread going. I think this is a good thing, especially when it made jns767 really think about the rules, and they want to do the right thing, that’s great! I would like to say the discussion cleared things up for me, but there still seems to be some gray areas. LOL I have to agree with Stacy (I think) that said it does make you strive for more and means more when you know that you just pinned higher then the so called ama that spends 10 – 12 hours a day in the saddle training multiple horses, when you’re lucky if you get to ride your own horse 2 to 3 times a week! I don’t believe that the riders skill level should be broken down any further then it is either, I just think people should ride in the appropriate divisions. I don’t usually ride for the ribbon anyway I ride for the ride, if I and my mount did better then we had in the past and we’re making progress, I’m so much more excited then getting a blue I didn’t deserve. Hey, if those riding in the wrong division can look themselves in the mirror and be proud about who they are; then that’s who they are and I can’t change that. There are some things you can’t change but you can change the way you let it affect you. Thanks again for everyone’s input and have a great show season.

  4. jns767 says:

    You know, I show for the fun of it, so when I do place high or even at all, I want to make sure that it was legit. I simply don’t have the money to go Regional or National at this point, but will someday. Anyway, I was called out a few years ago, from showing in an AOTS class that I think I got 2nd in. The steward (or whoever) came to my stall and pulled me aside. She questioned me quite heavily and explained to me that I had entered into the class even though I was not eligable. I was stripped of my ribbon and placing and of course, was incredibly embarrassed and ashamed. I hadn’t fully understood the rules, and thought that because at the time, I leased the horse, I could show in an AOTS class. I now know that the rules need to be understood – nobody is going to stop an exhibitor from entering a class, it’s definately up to that exhibitor to know the rules. It’s quite scary knowing that there are quite a lot of stipulations and grey areas. I’m glad to have Above Level, I’ve really learned alot!!

  5. mrmi says:

    Yes, thank you Above Level!!

  6. IED says:

    FWIW, in regards to AOTS classes, it is very clearly stated in some prize lists that the horse need not be owned by the rider (just by an Amateur). Be sure to read the prizelist from tip to tail – you never know what tidbit you might uncover :)

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