So, for alot of us horses and dogs go hand in hand. I have a little Miniature Pinscher and I’ve been known to tell my dog to HOE and my horse to STAY or SIT! I also occasionally¬†cluck to my dog on walks – SHEESH!


Does anyone else do that? Am I the only SpEcIaL one here?

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  1. valiants_lilrider207 says:

    I ALWAYS do that!! Haha!! And, sometimes, when my friends won’t stop, instead of say STOOP! I say WHOA!!! Its perfectly normal………

  2. Beth says:

    My dogs all whoa, and I cluck to them too but they don’t really get that.

  3. Carley says:

    i once clucked at a roundbale that just wasnt moving

  4. Jrchloe says:

    You are not alone ;-). Myself and many of my horse friends use the same vocab with many 4 legged animals. Um whats really bad is that I have to stop myself from trying to get ears up for pictures even with people.

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