Oklahoma Hotel Question

Last year just watching at Okl we stayed at the Hilton Garden.  This year we are an exhibitor so staying much longer, therefore looking for something a bit less.  The La Quinta Inn was across from us and I kept saying it looked decent but never went to check it out.  Has anyone stayed there?

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  1. IED says:

    Haven’t tried the La Quinta, but I will recommend the Best Western Saddleback Inn as an alternative. It’s very close to the fairgrounds and loads of exhibitors stay there. It’s got a decent price point and really nice free breakfast in the morning (not just nasty donuts – hot eggs, bacon, fruit, cereal, etc) which can be a GODSEND when you’re chowing down on Fair Food 90% of the time ;)

  2. jgarrett_fhf says:

    I have stayed at the La Quinta once and it was only for about 2 days before someone tried to break the doorjam down in our room. Might have been a freak incident, but since then we have stayed at the Saddleback Inn. Its great and a lot of people stay there. And it isn’t too far away from the fairgrounds. You would want to get your reservations NOW! because it fills up quick. MY favorite part is the fact that Cracker Barrel is right across the side street too-awesome home made breakfast!

  3. granger says:

    I stayed at the La Quinta one day then moved because someone SHOT out the window in someone else’s room. For the safest try Marriott on Nortwest Expressway right across from Baptist Hosp. and lots of dining and shopping.

  4. colwilrin says:

    Last year at Saddleback, one of the days before the show started, numerous vehicles (10 or more) were broken into and items stolen. It is a wonder that the staff did not catch this as most of the vehicles had windows broken. I prefer Biltmore. It needs some renovation, but is reasonable and the lots are continuously patrolled by security.

  5. love-equitation says:

    I stayed at La Quinta for a couple days…It was ok I guess, but the outdoor doors freak me out xD

    I guess I’ve had bad experiences with hotels..At the Biltmore some dude came over and banged on our door saying “Lemme in before the police come! I need a phone!” And he had a cell in his hand. It was scary =S

  6. meggers212 says:

    I have stayed in the Embassy Suites and the Biltmore. Embassy is GREAT, but it is pricey. I have not had any issues staying there. This past year I stayed at the Biltmore and I had no problems. The rooms were nice and clean, the breakfast was great, the hospitality was great, and it was not pricey at all. My mother got my friend and I my own room that week and had her own room and we paid less then we would for one room for the week at Embassy. So, I would suggest the Biltmore if you want something that is not so expensive and is still quality.

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