Come Have Fun At Syracuse International!

If you are from the North East and have not attended before think about joining us at the 36th Annual Syracuse International Horse Show.  Located in Upstate NY right in Syracuse, with lots to do around you.  That is if you can break yourself away from the parties!  Take a Break, Wine and Cheese with the Ringside Affaire and our Big Friday Night Partay which we serve food, drink, dessert, music, fun and friendship to over 500 people each year.  The Ringside Affaire on Wednesday night is a FREE Sales Class, show off your horse for sale to everyone that is in the ring for the party =)  Check us out on the web at, where the prize list is available.  Also think about sponsoring a class, even a group of you can!  As little as $25 can sponsor a class and for each $100 you will get a ticket to our 20,000, 50/50 raffle!  Ask people that come to the show… is FUN and there is prize money!!  We hope to see you there, feel free to email me at with any questions.  Here is to a blue ribbon season for all!   Michele =)

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  1. Scottfield03 says:

    Love, love, LOVE this horse show! This year will make 14 consecutive I have attended, and it is just the most fun show we go to! This committee is all about the exhibitor, and the Morgan competition is quite strong.

    Count us in!

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