How To Show a Morgan in Western Showmanship

Hello Morgan World!!!

  I’m kind of new to this Above Level thing.  I have a 15 year old Morgan mare who is my world.  Recently she has become a showmanship master.  I always use to show her showmanship in Saddleseat attire, but I’m thinking her Saddleseat days are becoming numbered.  I want to switch her over to western showmanship, but I’m not sure how Morgans show in western showmanship.  She parks out like a champ, but when i try to square her up, like all other western horses, she gets confused.  Do all Morgans park out, regardless of show attire?  Should I make her park out for western showmanship, or teach her how to square up?  Any advise is helpful.  Thanks everybody.

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  1. j.a.b. says:

    Hi, ideally for Western she should stand square. However a little parked out is ok since she is a Morgan. So, if you can’t fully break her of the parked out habit maybe you can at least get her to compromise with you and not park out as much!

  2. Ruby Epona says:

    Thanks for the tip. She’s still not liking the idea of squaring up, but she’s getting it. Good luck with show season

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