Fitting and Show……….

What type of questions have you guys heard when a rider went into a fitting and show class?? I am just REALLY nervous about if I don’t know something or I get something wrong. (Its happened) Thanks!!!

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  1. stretch says:

    I my experience, 90 % of the questions have been anatomy related, either external or skeletal. Study those pictures and you should be fine. Good luck and Have Fun!

  2. colwilrin says:

    I agree, they either ask you to find, or tell the location of, a certain body part, or point to a part and ask you what it is.

  3. j.a.b. says:

    Body parts, tack parts etc are the common questions. Ocassionally a “what color is your horse, what is your horse’s breeding” but that’s rare I think.

    Pay very careful attention to the directions for the “pattern”. I was in a class of probably 15-20 one time, last one in line. We were lined up against one long rail, back to the rail. Judge stood in about the middle of the ring, pattern was to walk to judge for inspection then complete a 360 degree turn and trot to the rail and line up. EVERY SINGLE other person did a half turn (180) and trotted back to the line up rail. I was the last one and when I turned all the way around and trotted to the opposite rail I could literally hear my mother, well, let’s just say gasp. She was even more surprised when I won!
    Don’t just do what everybody else does because everybody else did it, good to remember for any pattern class! I don’t care if they are the reigning world champion in that class, they can still screw up, listen to the judge and ask questions if you need to.

    I don’t think Fit & Show is quite as big of a deal as it was when I was a jr. exhib. We used to have judges literally wear a white glove and wipe over the horse! Or check under the tail, always clean under the tail!

    In another class, a large one at the NJ show when it was in Quentin I made the mistake of going in behind my biggest competition, who was also a close friend and using one of my horses! It was a bit windy and after the rest of the judging it was obvious the judge was having a tough time deciding. He stood in front of us for what seemed an eternity. In the end she won and I was second. A slight breeze had blown a piece of my horses mane to the other side, I was so busy watching the judge I forgot to occassionally check my horse and missed it. Heartbreaking!

  4. learning says:

    My daughter has been asked to explain what founder was in a showmanship class both at a regional show and at OKC.

    She has also had judges run their hands through the mane and tail to make sure there were no tangles and along the neck to check for dust.

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