Looking for a side saddle

I have a daughter of a friend who is looking for a side saddle to purchase.  I know nothing of side saddles, other than the girl is 16 years old and tall for her age.  Anyone know of any to purchase?   Thanks,  Mark

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  1. empressive says:

    Hi Hi!

    I posted a something like this a few month ago on here. Below is the link it should be of some help…


    Goodluck! :)

  2. equusaside says:

    Check out http://www.sidesaddle.com (click on SideSaddlery on the left) and http://www.sidesaddleheaven.com – they both have experience with fitting sidesaddles to Morgans! Both ladies will also help walk you through measuring horse, saddle, and rider.

  3. equusaside says:

    Oh – and whatever your friend does, they should STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!!!! With exceedingly rare exceptions, anything there the novice deems “affordable” is of low quality and improperly – even dangerously – constructed, no matter what the seller says otherwise. There’s a reason most of the second-hand saddles you see on Craigslist are those – they don’t work!

  4. empressive says:

    Yeah Ebay is no good for sidesaddles. Better to be safe than sorry.

    I also wanted to add that the USEF rules for Morgans under side saddle says…

    “Side saddle riders, in appropriate tack and attire, are allowed in all classes except equitation.”

    Somewhere on the link I posted before we figured not in a few other classes besides Equ. classes.

  5. Gold Creek says:

    I’m quite sure Schneiders tack sells at least the western ones….there is a strong sidesaddle division in arabian land so they must get them somewhere…


  6. smccullo says:

    I received this via a group email within Arizona. I believe the lady is quite ill and is dispersing all her arabians and equipment. This is a snippet from her email.
    Good luck with the side saddle hunt.


    Champion Wilton side saddle complete with breakaway stirrup and balance strap. $1,500.00 obo

    For now, you can contact me, Deborah McDowell at (575) 546-4345. As things progress, please contact Terri Hernandez at terrih@mgmsg.com or call days: (915) 532-2000 (ext 271); or evenings (915) 585-2966.

  7. HundredOaks says:

    There are very few retail outlets for sidesaddles in the US, but we are the largest. Please see our web pages at http://www.hundredoaksinc.com


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