The Stud with the FACE

We are looking to breed our 6 YO Morgan mare this year for the first time. This mare has the body of Jessica the Rabbit…but,oh my she’s NO Jessica with the lights on. So what stallion do I take her to? Just so her sire is War and Peace and out of Glory Edition Edition out of the lovely Waseeka’s Audacious.

Hope is very athletic with a 4 cornered trot. And a little extra to beat the band. She’s a minimal sabino, and if bred to a stallion with high white she could produce a true pinto yet very typey Morgan.

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  1. Ebony Moon Morgans says:

    I meant to say that Hope had no face of Jessica the Rabbit but she truly had a Marilyn Monroe body. Hence the need for the stallion. Thank you for letting me clarify.

    Ebony Moon Morgans

  2. empressive says:

    Oh, beautiful faces!

    I trail ride alot and everyone thinks my mare is an Arabian. She has a dish to her face. Her sire is Futurity Cobras Promise up in Idaho. Kathy Nyborg owns him.

    I went up last year to visit and got to see 2 of his newest daughters. Both had those beautiful dished faces and the one filly (the youngest about a year old) was like a china doll.

    Actually here is a pic of one of his daughters. She is for sale on DreamHorse…

    It is a always fun to look at pretty horses. As for brains. I do not think you could get any better than “Coby” I, with no experiance in training, trained my filly “Dot” by him myself.

    Her sister “Grace” was great on her first ride. My friend, Kathy’s daughter Rusan, just jumped on for fun. The filly took everything in one day like a pro. Even bareback. I cannot laud my mare Dot enough. There are multiple things I could tell you, but it would take too long.

    Here is a link to his pic on the BSMHA site…

    Have fun looking for a stud!

  3. empressive says:

    Hey Denise!

    Oh, would love to see pics of your mare. I have a filly (Dot) by the stallion Futurity Cobras Promise. She has a beautiful head and is consistently mistaken for an Arabian on trail rides. I hope to show her this year, as she has never been shown before.

    Kathy Nyborg owns “Coby” as he is affectionatly know in Idaho. I went up there last year and was privilaged to see two of his other daughters. Both have beautiful dished faces and brains. Actually there is a daughter for sale on dreamhorse. I would post a link, but am on my phone writing this. There is a pic of the mare on the dreamhorse site.

    On the BSMHA Stallion page is a pic of Coby. I cannot say enough for the great minds he puts in his babies. I trained my filly myself and she is wonderful. Kids, parades, trail, even the beach. I really could not ask for a better filly & of the snort and blow has been sacraficed. She gets all hot and excited with me, but I can hand her over to my grandma and she quites immediately.

    Anyway just my 2 cents. It is fun to look at pretty horses anyway! :)

  4. Ebony Moon Morgans says:

    May I add a link here? Here’s her link to Morgan Showcase. Hope this works out OK.


  5. empressive says:

    Sure you can ad a link.

    So long as it doesn’t take our minds to the gutter! LOL

    Oh! She is precious though. She looks like a lot of fun. Love those two white socks.

  6. nightmusicfarms says:

    I did a double take when I saw this, so thanks for the clarification, Denise.

    I bred this pretty mare and her dam is by Futurity’s First Edition. She is, in fact, a half sister to my three year old Centerpiece colt, He’s A Heartbreaker.

    Glory is a fabulous mare and Hope is a wonderful representative of her breeding. She is very cool and I bet her babies will be corkers.

    I will think on good crosses for her, Denise. i csn tell you that her dam has been bred to Minion Millienium and he would cross my mind for her as well.


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