I Did IT!

I really want to thank everyone on here for all of your wisdom, knowledge, and support.

Last year some very nice people gave me a very nice Paso Fino gelding. They bred Cielo in florida using embryo transfer for him and his twin sister, then shipped Cielo & his sister to California.

Now Cielo had some problems. A week after he was gelded, he was shod. The shoer decided to beat him. Needless to say “Bye Bye Shoer!” I recieved the gelding after.

Guys he was a wreck. Afraid, nervous, stubborn. I would let my Morgans run around and he would cower in a corner! He used to run in a herd of colts his age! I saw! Well he is a Morgan now.

After being kicked, getting far to many rope burns, stepped on, chasing him around the neighborhood (big 100 plus acres not fenced behind my place), and almost smashed when ponying him (he thought he was still a stud. My Morgan said no your not.)

Can you believe it if I told you he is fantastic under saddle? Little bunny fufu, is a good boy now. I rode him yesterday and today. No cramps or problems whatsoever, by the grace of God.

I am still alive. He actually shook and jumped in place when I got on yesterday. I thought it was all over. Well we did it all. Back, forward, turn, stop, go, and go faster.

I believe he has taken alot after my girls. But I would also like to thank everyone one this site. Your knowledge, wisdom, & advice has greatly helped me with this boy. That is why I am writing this.

Even with a different breed the advice, knowledge, and wisdom here sticks. Thank you.

Whenever I have a question, I think of everyone on here first. Because I know you guys have sound advice. So keep the good advice coming. You never know how many crazy kids like me, are out there reading what you write.
Thank you.


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