Go Green

Michigan State is playing in the final four this weekend – go GREEN!!!!!!!!! :) I know this isn’t horse related, but I had to do it.

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  1. JC says:

    Oh! Those are fightin’ words!…Well, at least we both admire the same breed of horse.

    Good luck to Michigan State…they’re going to need it against Calhoun’s boys.

    UCONN alumni

  2. JC says:


    What a game! No luck needed by Michigan State tonight. They rolled over the Huskies.

    Congrats to the Spartans!

    It’s not a total loss for my entire Connecticut family of basketball fans (just me). One of my sisters graduated from MSU’s veterinary school.

    UCONN alumnus

  3. jns767 says:


    I just got home from Detroit and what a game indeed! Good game though, atleast in the beginning. YAYYYY!!!

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