1959 Nationals

1959 National Morgan Horse Show at Northampton, MA




I have found another video.


 I get excited (I’m a dork) to see live action videos of our breed back in the day. Here is a video that I was, yet again, e-mailed. This video is of the Morgan Nationals (according to the video) in MA. There are so many interesting points to this video – a funny one is the narrator. He refers to the Morgans as “Sturdy Stallions”funny! They are sturdy, it just sounds funny. Also, notice the western pleasure class. How far we have come!!! Regardless, I think this is another really cool video and thought I’d share it with you all. I don’t know who owns it, but it’s pretty cool.

5 Responses to 1959 Nationals

  1. nightmusicfarms says:

    Thank you SO much for posting these wonderful old videos. What a treat.

  2. empressive says:

    Yeah this is really awesome! Although my dad may not agree! LOL Now I just have more to talk about!

  3. KarenL says:

    What fun. I think I’ve ridden WP horses like that before :) Yaaahooooo!

  4. rubygirl82 says:

    WOW!! Back when horses could be shown AND used…what a concept!!! Great video

  5. Flmorgan says:

    Interesting! Thanks, for sharing.

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