Are you leaving the Signature Sale with empty trailer slots?? Headed to the Northeast?

Looking for 1 or 2 empty slots just in case…  last year “just in case” amounted to 2 horses going to Ontario & Quebec.  Ideal location for us would be along 90 or 81.  NY, VT or Eastern PA would also work.  The horses laid over for 3 days while the International Health Papers were Fed-Exed & then we picked them up on Wednesday.   Much less stressful then trying to get a Federal Vet on a sunday night.  I have contacted the people who hauled back for us last year but in case they decide not to go, thought I would put the feelers out now.  We are good to deal with & Pay Our Bills!:-)  I do potentially have a couple spots in Saquoit or Syracuse if you can haul but not lay over.



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