Bustle Covers

I have seen bustle covers around, but have no idea where to order them.   I am looking for the fitted covers that cover up the whole bustle.

Last year we ordered some from top knotch tail,  I LOVE the backpads and breast plate covers we got from them (so nice to not pick shavings out of the fleece or wool) but did not care for the bustle covers as they were to big, did not lay flat, and moved around.

I have seen a very simlar product to what they made just out of a stretchy cotten material.    Any help finding them would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  1. Colsac says:

    You can purchase a bustle cover from Showstoppertack.com Walsh makes a pretty good one. Also, do you have a web address from Top Knotch Tail? I am interested in the backpads and breatplate covers.

  2. amahill says:

    Thanks! I will look into both of those. Top notch Tails does not have a website, but I believe there number is 970-264-7463. It is a small company, they will answer the phone with a farm name.

  3. delay says:

    Hi Amanda!

    I bet you ordered the Top notch bustle cover for the FREEDMAN bustles(much bigger) so try the regular size(fits the lasalle air buslte great). I only know as I received a wrong order one time! i think Top notch has a GREAT product all around!

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