Mares for sale

Upnorth Morgans is dispersing some of our mares as with the economy we just won’t be breeding anytime soon.  They just have bloodlines that are too good not to be used.  Please check out my website and pretty much any mare is available for sale, I have not updated the website for prices and I am open to offers.  The Nemours mare who is 26 will stay.  I have a 17 year old Fieldmarch daughter, one of his last, that sells as a broodmare only as she had a rough start to life and we were told not to ride or drive her.  She is head shy and hard to catch in the field.  She turns her butt to you in the stall but has never kicked or attempted to.  She is very easy to breed, good for vet/farrier, very good mother and has no problem with people handling her foals.  She has had 7 nice foals and the last one was 4th in the Michigan sweeps class.  I will be happy to breed her back for an additional 500.00.

I have a few young mares that would make great show horses before they hit the broodmare band and several others that have already had foals.  Dad said some could go and I would love to find some great homes for them.  Transportation is possible as well.

Email me or check out for info on the mares.  Any offers are considered, approved homes only as these are all family horses.

thanks, Melissa

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