3 well broke,useable,inexpensive horses for sale!!

Hi all,
I am posting this because I have 3 horses for sale that are just really useable horses that are very well priced! All 3 ride and drive, are Jr Exb safe,are sound,sane,and 10 yrs old or under. All are Oklahoma quality and have shown there successfully. We aspire to have a great lesson program and if we had succeeded in that we’d try to keep any or all of these for first horses! Someone should be enjoying them!!:)All three have you tube videos up under their name.

Dreammaster Irish Emperor
10 yr old gelding
smart, sporty, PERFECT on his patterns, this fun gelding has won at Oklahoma in the Jr Exb classic saddle division as well as carrying a rider to the Reserve World Champion Classic Saddle Seat title. He’s easy to deal with, can and has carried a walk trotter safley to wins,yet is happy to step up and get sporty and fun if his rider is up to it.

Plum Haven Capistrano
10 yr old gelding
fancy, upheaded, great quality,honest and sound. This fun gelding is big,very pretty,and solid to ride or drive. Easy to work, honest,would be suitable for a child or ama rider. He’s super reasonably priced and someone could have a great time with this horse.

Kingsgrove Dynasty
6 yr old gelding
beautiful,well bred gelding that has gotten top ribbons throughout the country and at OKC in harness and under saddle. Has carried a Jr exb rider in equitation, English Pleasure, and won the classic Open Saddle Champ. at Medallion this year with a Jr Exb. This is a high quality classic or pleasure horse that is always sound and fun to show!

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  1. nightmusicfarms says:

    Boy, Stacy, anyone would be lucky to get one of these guys and in this economy, for a fraction of what they are worth.


  2. StacyGRS says:

    I generally don’t post sales things on here, but these three are trainer’s dreams:) Reliable, solid, easy to maintain and fun for riders or drivers…and inexpensive to maybe get someone into a horse:)!

  3. markk says:

    Do you have these horses for sale?
    I might be a ble to place one of them for you.

  4. katie2788 says:

    im curious to know what you are asking for Kingsgrove Dynasty.. im looking for an amature horse or even ladies pleasure.. thank you!

  5. StacyGRS says:

    Dynasty is priced at $15,000.00. If you’d like to e-mail me, I can get you details on any or all of them. Emperor is sold:) Capistrano is going to a show this weekend…he’s very nice. And Dynasty has a great show record already.

  6. mammothhorsefrk says:

    how much are dreammaster, and plum haven?

  7. StacyGRS says:

    Hi there,
    Irish Emperor and Plum haven Capistrano have been sold. We have Dynasty, along with several others available. If anyone would like to check our website, it is pretty close to up to date…there’s one more I will add in the next few days.

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