Where can I find these things?

So here’s the dilemma. I have a show training barn with lots of Morgan horses and many clients. Whenever we get a new horse, I ask that the client purchase a leather halter, with brass nameplate, as well as sheepwool nose and crown covers for that halter. If the horse has a bustle, I also ask that they get burgundy sheepwool for the breast collar and backpad. I usually have them order these things though World Champion Horse Equipment. I love the company and have not EVER had a single complaint. The problem is that all of the sheepwool items in my barn are burgundy, and WC is out of burgundy sheepwool items, and as their supplier is closed down, won’t likely have these items for the foreseeable future. The nice thing about working with WC is that they had great prices on nice leather halters, would engrave and attach the nameplate, and ship this sheepwool with it, AND it arrived at my barn in beautiful condition within a week of ordering. Fantastic customer service! Now that I am forced to look elsewhere for the burgundy sheepwool items, I am finding that I can’t locate another company that can do all of that for under $100.00. I hate to ask the clients to order a halter from one place and sheepwool from another, because then they will have to pay two shipping prices, but will do that if we have no other reasonable choices. Any suggestions?

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  1. colwilrin says:

    Have you tried LaSalle Harness? Their leather work is just wonderful. I did notice it was harder to find the sheepwool last year (especially if you wanted a certain color). The artifical fleece was easy to find in all colors, but the shavings just cling to it and it pills/clumps horribly.

    Another thought would be to see if you could find a sheepwool distributer that would sell to you, as a business, in bulk. Then the clients could get the halters from a retailer, and the sheepwool from you.

    Good luck!

  2. Steve Handy says:

    I would get it from Fennells, I love their halters and have had great customer service from them. I think it would be a bit over $100, but the leather goods and halter plates are great (Although I think that they used to have a cob sized halter, so you might want to check on that before you have someone order a halter for a smaller headed Morgan). I don’t think that I have bought sheepwool products from them, but I’m guessing that it is good quality. http://www.fennells.com/store/default.asp is the website. Hope all is going well at Scottfield, and that Ronni and Kate are doing great!

  3. kim viker says:

    You can also try, Bennett’s tack, http://www.bennettstack.com I just looked on their website, and they have burgundy sheepwool crown and noseband and leather halters/brass nameplates reasonably priced.

    Kim Viker

  4. Scottfield03 says:

    Thank you so much for helping me! I knew you guys would have some great ideas!

    Steve – Kate and Ronni are wonderful. I just love that horse. :-) We are planning on bringing him out at Spring Premiere, and of course, they are stepping up to 14-17, so the waters will be deep, but they are both strong swimmers. Hope your horses are doing well!! I LOVED the book you put together for Bellerophon at the NYSSA.

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