Equine Affair!!!!!!

What an Affair it is!

I know this is all MORGANS and everything but, please be happy for me just this once! PLEASE!

I just got a call from a friend and they need another rider for the Paso performance and….

I get toooo ride!

And not only any Paso but, a Fino mare.
Fun. Just had to get this out with other horsey people. Sorry I know the drill only Morgans. Just had to share.

3 Responses to Equine Affair!!!!!!

  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    Congrats to you!! Although it is a Morgan Show Blog there is PLENTY of room for other stuff too. Hearing of good news from any of the blog participants is a good thing, no matter what the subject matter.

    I hope you have a great ride and a great time!

  2. StacyGRS says:

    Did I meet you i the Morgan booth on Thursday? I spoke to a girl that was dressed to be i a Paso demo and had Morgans.

  3. empressive says:

    Yes as a matter of fact that was me!
    Thanks for remembering me even though I was there for only a sec.

    Our demo went great. Actually the Saturday demo I think was better. Well for me in particular. The mare I ride is like a really slow Park horse! Hot Hot Hot!

    I love the horse to pieces, but someday hopefully I will be showing with the Morgans!

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