I am learning so much about Showing Morgans

I am learning  so much about the show world of Morgan Horses. I have never shown a Morgan horse in a Morgan Horse Show, but I do show my Morgans. I am Carole Mercer and my Morgans are the Dancing Morgans. I have been sharing my stories of how I live and what I do with my Morgan horses with everyone on this blog.  

 i have learned from this blog , after reading the many postings , is that we all are passionate about our horses. I love hearing about going to the shows ;learning about judging ; breeding and all the other interesting topics expressed here.  I don’t raise, breed or show at horses shows. I am a Morgan Horse performer…an entertainer so to speak. When my two black mares step out of the trailer people are so interested in these mares. Someone always asks me :”Are those mares Morgans.” I then get to hear wonderful stories about their Morgans or their dad’s Morgan horse.  Frequently I am the only person at the event who is performing with Morgan horses. I love being an ambasitor for this incredible breed.

I hope that you come and meet me at the Morgan Horse Convention in Sacramento. I will be preforming with my Dancing Morgans on Thursday , Feb 18th at the Woodland Stallion Station. Plese come and watch us dance.

One of my goals in life ( I am 65) is to keep up the preformances until the total ages of the horses and I equals 100 years of horsemanship. We are getting close. I would like to go to the WEG in Kentucky with my mares and dance before I get too old. My mares just keep getting better. They have great minds and even better bodies….they are after all Morgan horses.

Someone recently asked  if these mares are registered as I use only their barn names in public. Rest assured, ”The  Most Versititle Morgans Mares in the the World “are registerd. The resigistered  names of my mares are as follows:. Bob= Rockway Queen Nativa 0133824 and Valentine =Rockway Razah 0133825. Both mares were born in 1994 and are half sisters.

Please feel free to visit my website at www.carts-carriages.com. I hope to see and meet many of you at the Morgan Horse Convention in Sacarmento, California. Also I welcome emails at carts-carriages@ccounty.net

Cheers and looking forward to meeting you,

Carole L. Mercer Dancing Morgans

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  1. kristobal says:

    dear Carole,

    I wish I could visit you and watch your show.
    I saw you talking and working with horses and I know that you are a horse-woman.
    Christian and I – we keep our fingers crossing that all works well for you and your horses (and doggies) on show. And if something happend: S.M.I.L.E !!!
    You do a great job!


    (Europe, Spain)

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