Name That Injury…

Here is a video of my daughter and I riding our mare, Cherrydale Scarlet O’Hara (I am the person at the end trying to squeeze her BIG behind in the little tiny weenie kids saddle!)   Scarlet sustained an injury several years ago and has healed as much as she possibly can.  The people at her barn look at her and can’t pinpoint what the problem is.  See what you think:


We think Scarlet did a “Bambi on ice” move an completely tore her peroneus tertius ligament in her left hind leg.  We really didn’t think we would ever ride her again, except to walk slowly around the field.  When I started riding her again this fall she was a little unsteady but quickly gained strength and has come a long nicely (although the canter is a little like an old car with bad shocks).  She doesn’t have any pain and to see her out in the field jumping over the creek one would think she was never injured in the first place.  We hope to have my daughter show her at some of the small, day shows in our area.  

I just thought you all might find this interesting since it is an extremely rare injury and hers was the worst cases a prominent saddle horse vet had ever seen. 

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  1. kad says:

    If you can really watch her hind left leg at the canter – absolutely amazing the way she has learned to adapt her way of moving to compensate for her injury.

  2. flygirl says:

    I can honestly say that if you hadn’t told me, I would never have really known where the injury was.

    It’s amazing the horses ability to heal isn’t it? My friend and I have a 5 year old morgan that was severly injured his 3 year old year, almost cut his whole foot off in an accident. He actually has a severed navicular bone. Despite the $10,000 it took to save his life, the vet did not think he would ever be anything more than a pasture ornament. Amazingly enough, 17 months later, he is preparing for his first show season, loves his job and shows no signs of pain or soundness issues. He was truly a medical miracle and is featured (at least his leg was) on the front cover of this vet firms recruitment catalog. It’s a pretty cool story, much like your mares and her ability to heal so well from such a serious injury.

  3. Wow nice to know that she has healed so well. As a judge, she does look pretty stiff in the back end, which they won’t know why and may count against her. It is more noticeable at the trot then the canter to me from the video. Small shows should be fine and maybe she will regain her mobility as time goes on but what an amazing thing that she is that far along after that injury!!

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks for the judges evaluation. I was hoping to have some feedback. I worry that judges or on-lookers will think we are hurting her. My daughter and I talked about not winning blue ribbons with her before we started this project. She is more thrilled with being able to ride her horse again so I think it will all work out. We are only going to go to small weekend/day shows for the experience. We are just thrilled everyday with the small “victories” we make.

    I doubt she gets any better as far as her flexibility. We will go to a few little day/weekend shows just to give my daughter some experience. Before we started this project I told my daughter that she wouldn’t be winning any blue ribbons with her because of her leg. I think the two of them together will be happy to just be doing something at this point.

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