Presidential Inaugural Events

Are there any bravehearts planning to attend the inauguration or other activities in the D.C. area through Tuesday?  The AMHA website mentioned that at least one Morgan will be in the parade.  It’s exciting to live in the D.C area during such historic times.     

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  1. JC says:

    Anybody? Nobody? Really? Wow…

    The name of the Morgan ambassador who will represent our breed at the Presidential Inaugural parade this Tuesday is Sunup Aerial Sashay- “Jezebel”, owned by Karol LaVerdiere of Michigan.

    As reported by the AMHA, Jezebel and her rider, Leslie LaVerdiere, “will be joined by 19 other horses from Michigan, who are part of the Michigan Multi Jurisdictional Mounted Police Drill Team and Color Guard. The unit was one of more than 1,300 groups from around the Country that applied to be in the parade.”

    Thank you to the LaVerdiere family for showing your Morgan on the World stage!

    Although not fortunate enough to attend the parade, I’ll have to “hoof it” on the ballroom floor.

    I’d rather be riding my Morgan.


  2. Beth says:

    As exciting a time as it is, I think it may be a bit of a nightmare to attend any of the events. I have several groups of family living there and they have ALL decided to stay home because of the security, crowds, and chaos. I guess getting back out of DC is going to be a big problem on the metro, you are not allowed to carry a backpack etc. Even bathrooms are a big problem. Who Knew?

  3. JustFineThankYou says:

    I went to the “We Are One” concert today! It wasn’t so bad, hopped on Metro and arrived at 2p, got a good place to watch halfway btwn the Lincoln Memorial and the Monument and enjoyed myself!

    There were of course, tons of ppl (literally a million I’m sure), but everyone was cordial, positive and had fun. I was able to watch the whole concert and get out fairly easily before the mass exodus of outta-towners descended on the metro stations. I was home by 5pm :)

    I’m glad I went, I don’t like going into DC on a normal day, but I couldn’t resist a free concert that included Stevie Wonder, Garth Brooks, John Mellencamp and the rest.

    That being said, I am definitely working from home on Tuesday, but I don’t think the crowds will be as large as they are estimating (3-5million).

  4. JC says:

    I am on a Cinderella high after attending two balls last night: The Maryland Inaugural and the Ohio Ball. Both parties were spectacular events, filled with sparkling eyed, festive people…fantastic. Besides the Mayflower Hotel’s little debacle of returning cars to the wrong people, all went well: incredible food, captivating entertainment and fascinating people- set in DC’s most historic hotel. Getting in and out of the city was no problem, but knowing the area helped with heavy traffic avoidance. Streets were still packed well past midnight.

    After all that, it was not fun to get up and feed horses at o’ dark thirty this morning.

    Beth and “Tech”, I have a souvenir for you from the Ohio ball, if you are interested!


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