Lucky U

Hi Steve: I am crazy about your horse. Wish I needed a classic horse.  He looks like a ball to ride. You both were fabulous at Okc and every other time I have seen you.


Kathy Gutting

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  1. Steve Handy says:

    Thanks Kathy! I am crazy about him too, I think he is just perfect. He is a blast to drive and I think he looks like fun to ride too. I wish that I were not selling him, but I am going to be showing Bellerophon next year and would like to do some breeding in the near future, so it seems like the right time. He has a fun personality, and always puts 110% into his work.

    Congratulations on such a great year with Get Buzy, you always look like you are having a great time, he must be great fun. And you got to have two work offs, the Southern States Championship was incredible!

    Hope your winter is going well and that you will have a great and happy new year,


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