It’s been a crazy winter, and it’s only the end of December. I haven’t ridden too much since November, but decided last night to hop on Bobby Sox and just have fun. Usually, I’m working on a nice collected lope, or pivots – or whatever (there’s always something), but yesterday, I just wanted to RIDE. So, I saddled Bobby up with a little hunt saddle along with a snaffle bit and had at it. It was so much fun – we did cavaletti, trotted REALLY fast - I never knew a horse could trot that fast without breaking into a canter! We cantered loosely around the ring – it was just fun and worry free. We have all the rest of winter and spring to work on the business end of things – seriously, I am sore today – BUT it was the best winter blues therapy I’ve had. Hope you all are enjoying your PLAY time too :)

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