Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH

The next Equine Affaire will be April 2-5, 2009 in Columbus, OH.  So far, the only Morgan event that I know of is that Chris Cassenti will be a clinician.  Chris was so well recieved at the Massachusetts event that the coordinators have asked her to participate in the Columbus Equine Affaire.  (I can’t believe I missed her in Springfield.  I won’t miss her this time!  I’m marking my calendar now.)  Chris is looking for horses and riders to participate in her clinics.  She will need at least 3 saddle seat riders who can do equitation patterns, and 3 up headed and fancy horses that can show a good demonstration of natural motion and the conformation needed to show English Pleasure.  Anyone who is interested should contact her by following the “Contact Us” link on her website, www.chrislar.com.  Who knows?  This could be the start of an annual Morgan presence at the Columbus event.

If there appears to be significant interest in having a larger Morgan presence at the Columbus Equine Affaire, I might be talked into trying to organize something similar to what was done in Springfield by Morgan owners in the New England area.  You can comment here if you are willing to spend some time and money to promote Morgans to the masses.

While on the subject of the Equine Affaire, I want to apologize for the lack of video that I had promised.  The technical difficulties just could not be overcome.  I also want to acknowledge that Nancy Caisse of Townshend Farm was the director of the Morgan breed demonstartion that was on the video.  She is the one who organized the participants and wrote the script.  She made sure that everyone got into and out of the ring in the correct order.  It really was impressive and I’m sorry that you can’t see it. 

One last note.  Marge “Shortie” Cutler of Townshend, MA (“sidekick” of Randy Jane Crosier) passed away in September.  Shortie has been a well-known face and supporter of the Morgan World for many years.  My condolences to Randy Jane and to Shortie’s family and friends.


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  1. helkat says:

    Hello! Great that Chris Cassenti is going to have a clinic! That is awesome news!

    On another note, I have participated before at the Columbus Equine Affaire. There are the breed demos that need to be filled and people to put up and “man” the AMHA booth. It really is a wonderful way to advertise the breed and draw in interest. I was in the breed demo to present reining several years ago. The key to the presentation was versatility. I believe Steve Smith headed up the demo this past year and some of the booth hours as well. I am interested in helping as much as possible. I really think we are missing the boat if we do not get our breed shown or represented during all possible times.

    Meredith Rosier,
    drop me an e-mail helkat50@yahoo.com

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