Winter Weather Check…(not horse related)

I just read the temp. for us here in Northeast Ohio and it is a whopping 2 degrees (-22 degrees windchill). I had to actually put my barn cats in the heated dog kennel (not that they needed it since they sleep in the hay…we just felt sorry for them).

I just thought maybe we would do a little “roll call” for the weather at your house…let’s hear it!

10 Responses to Winter Weather Check…(not horse related)

  1. JustFineThankYou says:

    I’m in MD and its about 18 degrees w/35mph winds…brrr!

  2. empressive says:

    Weather what weather? Its California people lets party! No just joking. Although because of the rain the road to my place is completely washed out. Gotta love 4-wheel drive when i run out of Apple Cider and Hot Cocoa.

  3. jns767 says:

    On Friday – I had a work “snow Day” and ended up getting stuck in my driveway anyway – 10″ of snow. Then, it snowed a bit more Saturday and got VERY cold on Sunday with high -20 winds. The winds blew all of the snow I shoveled back into the driveway and made the roads very icey on my work commute monday morning. Breaking ice out of buckets was super fun last night in the barn as well. If only we had 30 heated buckets – SANTA???? We’re in South-eastern Michigan (30 miles north of Ann Arbor).

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    I have to say, heated buckets are AWESOME! I love mine but then again I only have 4 horses at home so I don’t have to worry about too many electrical cords winding all around the barn. I have a big heated one outside, too which is really nice.

    Maybe Santa will get your plea…

  5. cieje says:

    I just heard on the news this morning that we have received 52 inches of snow already this year in West Michigan. Thank goodness I keep my horses with my trainer about an hour and a half south of where I live, and they have not gotten as much snow, but are just as cold.

  6. parksaddle1024 says:

    we just regained power at 5:00 tonight after a massive ice storm knocked out electricity on Dec 11 (yup that’s 11 days for those doing the math). It was a nightmare trying to take care of horses, dogs, and kids with no power (and I never knew how much I would miss those heated buckets!!!). We do not have a single tree intact and my pasture is out of commission until Spring when I can get a truck in to remove the large tree that split down the middle and wiped out a line of fence. My show horse who is home on “vacation” is probably begging to go back to boot camp! We have our own version of Survivor taking place! Since I work full time and leave the house before sunrise and come home after sunset, doing stalls by flashlight was a challenge, however not a day went by where I was thankful we did not have a well – I can’t imagine not having water! We got back-to-back snowstorms this weekend, so now have about 20″ of snow with temps in the single digits and winds gusting to 40+. However, New England being New England, we are forecasted to hit 50 degrees by Wednesday……Is it show season yet??!!!

  7. Flmorgan says:

    Snow Storms are great for Christmas. In Florida we welcome the colder weather but it will be in the low 70′s tomorrow and for Christmas..No snow here.

  8. Jan says:

    ARghhhhhhh……I’d like to respectfully ask that this blog, at this time of year, BAN the F-word. Yes, that would be FLORIDA. Here in Michigan, we are in the middle of a week long snow storm where even the horse’s pee freezes in the stall….The only good thing is that it doesn’t smell!…..Last night as I shovelled a barn with frozen fingers, I thought…there’s other people out there just like me….doing this very same thing…..that made me feel a tiny bit better BUT….don’t want to even imagine the F-word right now!…..( very-big frozen grin). by the way….the Bar-Bar-A, automatic waterer that is not electric and works in all weather….WORKS!…..

  9. Harlington says:

    Haha.. I agree with Jan.. especially being that I’m from Canada, and although we DO have beautiful hot summers, our winters are horribly cold. The other day it was -49 F where we live!! Even our dog runs away from the door when we open it to let him out!!
    Anyways from up here in Canada, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

    I hope Santa brings some warmer weather with him tomorrow night!!

  10. Merlcann08 says:

    It sure is pretty if you don’t need to go out in the snow. My pump freezes when it goes below 10 degrees for vary long. It is something with the handle parts because once it gets near freezing it will work, go figure. So I’m hauling water from the house. Heated buckets are truly a blessing! Although, it does spike the electric bill they are definitely worth it.

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