Breeding an older maiden mare

Hi everyone! I need some advice. I have been going back and forth on breeding my 19 year old maiden mare for a long time now. I’ve asked several people and it seems to be split down the middle whether it’s a safe/good idea or not. I keep hanging on to the thought of breeding her because she is line-bred Devan with excellent conformation and a great brain and I just love that line and I want another one. I do live in the heart of the bluegrass of KY where great vets are only a moment away–however I don’t want to risk my mare for such a selfish want. Have any of you had experience with breeding a maiden who is older? Or just plain old advice from people who have a little more sense in the breeding shed than I do. I like to think I’ve researched enough but it never hurts to keep asking. Thanks!

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  1. nightmusicfarms says:

    Boy, congratulations on having a good, linebred Devan mare and I agree, I would want to perpetuate her lineage as well.

    I personally would have no hesitation breeding a healthy, sound, reproductively active maiden of this age. I would do a far more thorough reproductive workup than is typical, due to her age and would combine it with a good physical exam for overall health. I am sure you would only breed via A.I. and would have her cycling well and on schedule.

    Morgans are so robust that breeding at this age should be fine for her if she is a healthy, sound individual. Be really sure you invest in a great repro vet so that you can save yourself the enormous expense of finding out after multiple cycles that she is not a good candidate or is likely to be unable to carry to term and deliver safely.

    Good luck and let us know your choice of stallion if you decide to do it.

  2. akiramorgans says:

    I’ve found that conception is usually less of a problem than delivery with an older maiden. If you do get her pregnant, keep her fit and keep a hawk eye on her when her time is close. I have a 13 yo that I’m hoping to breed so we’re in the same boat.

    Good luck!!

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