As breeding season is just around the corner many prominate stallions are being paraded at every corner along with some horses just out of the woodworks. As I am not an avid breeder I was curious about a few stallions I have recently seen. Anyway, since this site is such a treasure trove of information I was hoping some of you would post your 2 cents adding to the wealth of information. Here are the stallions and any information, why you like them or not, and what you think of them would be really cool. Thanks Guys and Gals

First is: Tara’s Firewalker, AWS Icon, Heritage Jim T, Mastroianni, Deer Creek Count de Monet, JW Sporting Victory, TFM The Gold Standard, and LCW Rev’s Cajun Sundancer.  

Oh, Some of these horses I was able to check out on the MorganHorse site. While others I was able to find websites. Still thanks for all the info. 


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  1. mrsfire says:

    I can’t tell from your post if you are looking to breed a mare or if you are just interested in talking about stallions. If you are breeding, then I would like to ask that you list some of the qualities that you are looking for in a stallion.

    I visited Tara Farm a few weeks ago and I was so very impressed with Tara’s Firewalker! He was breathtakingly beautiful and very well mannered.

    Best of luck to you if you are selecting a stallion.

    Dawn Fire

  2. empressive says:

    Oh I am sorry. No, not looking for a stallion just yet. I was just curious and those stallions popped out as horses I did not know alot about so I thought it would be neat to learn more about them. That’s all curiosity fuels my mind.

    Thanks though. I am not somebody that gets to get around and go check out other peoples farms and horses so I enjoy hearing (or reading) other peoples idea and comments about horses.

    I am also hoping to become a judge for multiple breeds and this past year have been working and watching gaited horses. It is very interesting studing the gait and movement of horses. I have taken a higher notice to conformation because of this.

    I have also learned that photos do not speak as loud as they are thought too. When seeing a horse move about in person it is much easier to judge them. Thanks again!

  3. IED says:

    AWS Icon was shown by David Rand in 4 year old English Pleasure this year and did very well, from what I can recall. You can probably find a lot of his show records if you do a search on this very website.

    I’m afraid I don’t know much about many of the others!

  4. empressive says:

    Thanks IED!

    I always wanted to name one of my own horses Icon. It really is a neat name. I also guess that is why I started this post. Partly because I too do not know much about these horses either and partly because I am stuck in my house.

    I live on a “hill” and all the roads are washed out. I guess I could use the 4-wheel drive SUV but, it’s not worth it when the guy down the way flipped his car and totaled it.

    I read that the stallion TFM The Gold Standard has been showing in the Midwest but, couldn’t find any records as to how he is placing. I did though find his full brother on the MorganShowcase Stallion site and he placed in OKC. Very pretty horse.

  5. IED says:

    Do you have access to the Saddle Horse Report? They have a huge database of horse show records that go at least 10 years back. You can look up both horses and riders. I myself have spent many an hour browsing through horse show results and finding things out about stallions or riders I was curious about. :)

    No harm looking for more information; I do it myself on a daily basis! Thank goodness for Google!

  6. empressive says:

    Yah! Google!
    Actually I do not have access to the saddle horse report. I will have to check that out. Thanks!

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