special ponies

What horse has been most influencial in your life? It can be a morgan or other breed (or even a horse you didnt own. )

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  1. Flmorgan says:

    There would have to be 2. One was a Appaloosa stallion I was privledged to own many years age named Horseshoe’s Taytoba. He was a amazing horse with a wonderful disposition and a tremendous heart. The other is our Morgan mare VJ Opportunity who is also a amazing horse, intelligent, tuff, and also with the biggest heart of all the horses I’ve ever owned of worked with. She has been a Champion in any disapline we have showed her in, or any event we have asked her to do. She has been shown Classic Jr Exhibitor by 4 youths, western by 1, she drives, jumps, reins, has had 1 foal which is a story all by itself, has survived a horrible case of laminitis only to come back and is now getting ready to compete in her first barrel race. She will always have my respect and admiration.

  2. elise says:

    Once the horse bug bites, I think you have a spot in your heart for many different types of horses and disciplines. They all take skill and every once in a while, special ones just grab your attention. I loved Seattle Slew, even though I was just a little kid of 4 or 5 when he made his bid for the crown. I remember seeing this handsome, big racehorse on TV and immediatley asking for a pony. I got that pony about a year later, and Smokey and I had a lot of fun until I had heart surgery as a young child and stopped riding for many years. Healthy and wanting to pick up where I left off as a kid, I decided I needed to be around horses again. And that’s when my own first horse came into my life not too long ago, a little chestnut Morgan who has such heart and easy nature about him. After taking lessons on a really cool horse named Dusty, and looking to get a horse maybe 2 minutes after my first lesson was over, my trainer found Ravs (short for Ravioli, gotta love these barn names!)for me. We’re having fun and I love the Morgans at the farm and going to the shows to cheer on my horse’s barnmates and their owners. I also have to mention a sweet Appaloosa named Jeb that belonged to a friend of my Dad’s that he worked with. He was the first horse I brushed as a kid and even though it seemed like he towered over me, he never so much as stepped out of place when I was almost standing under him to brush his belly. I think every horse touches you in some way. There’s a reason why we care for them and why they become such a part of our lives.

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