Hunt Seat Equitation

I have been watching the hunt seat equitation classes this year and all the people that win have fancy horses. In order to place high do you have to have a fancy horse? I thought it was about the rider.


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  1. morganmonarch says:

    Well what do you mean by fancy horse? I think it is very important that your equitation mount is meeting the standards of what the hunters look like in the division you are competing in. The idea is to present an over all picture of beauty and the horse is a large part of that. Although equitation is judged on your position, it also judged on your ability to demonstrate control, poise and teamwork with your mount. But I’m not sure what you mean by fancy.

  2. KayITM says:

    I’m talking about the $30,000 horses that have riders that are not so good of equitation riders competing against $10,000 horses that have good riders.

  3. cieje says:

    A quality horse that does its job will always do well in the equitation division, whether they are fancy or not and despite the price tag.

    I am not sure if you went to Oklahoma this year, but the horse that won the Senior Hunt Seat Equitation World Championship was purchased at the Signature Sale last spring for less then $5,000. And the third place horse in that same class was a lesson horse.

  4. morganmonarch says:

    I don’t see the horses that are super expensive always winning but I am sure that when they do when people take more notice because they recognize the name. It is kind of hard to be objective about it but it isn’t always the “fancy’ horses winning. There are always horses that aren’t coming from big money backgrounds that win. But remember that everything is subjective and I don’t think it is completely fair to say that in general the girls with fancy horses aren’t as good of riders and they have fancy horses to compensate. It can be easy to feel that way coming into the ring feeling like an underdog but it isn’t always the case.

  5. KayITM says:

    I’m not saying they are not as good of riders all the times. Sometimes.

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