Training Equipment For Sale

Leather training martingale. $25.00
Leather western one ear working bridle. $25.00
Leather working browband bridle with snaps to attach to bits. $35.00
1 red browband show halter with chain lead rope. $75.00
1 red caveson and browband set. $35.00
Full bridle with bits and caveson. $75.00
Misc. leg gear $25.00
Oster Clipper A5. $75.00
LaSalle Bitting Rig with bridle, side checks, and crupper. SOLD!
Single Pole Dumb jockey with all parts intact. $125.00
Will sell as a package or separately, make an offer. I recently lost my show horse and need to sell all the things I don’t use anymore to try to replace him. Everything is gently used on one horse for maybe 1-2 years and has been stored in the house for several years.

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    Sarah, you and anyone else that has horses or tack/equipment for sale may want to also post in the Forums for more exposure. There aren’t a lot of posts yet but it does get quite a bit of traffic.

  2. what are you asking for the bitting rig? will it go small enough for a small 2yr old/ yearling?

    do you have pictures of the show halters? and the dumb jockey? what are you asking for those?

  3. Sarah Moses says:

    I have photos of the dumb jockey and show halter, there is only one, the other was just a caveson.. I thought I had 2. E-mail me and I will send them, I sold the bitting rig already. Thanks!

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