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The USEF has videos from the Grand National up on its Club Equestrian page.  It’s right on the front page at  I just watched the first one without sound, and they look really well-done.  Anyone know who did these videos?

The front page videos are sorted by “most recent”, so the Morgan videos may not be front and center for too long.  Still, pretty cool breed exposure.

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  1. thanks for letting us know about those, thats the kind of breed exposure we need more of!

  2. JustFineThankYou says:

    Here’s the link – these are great! Thanks for spreading the word Leslie!

  3. Merlcann08 says:

    I thought the video’s were very well done, also. I even recognized my trainer and one of her horses, very cool.

  4. Mocha Mom says:

    I actually saw some of the video being recorded during the GN and asked what was going on. This was a USEF project with long-time Morgan owner, Morgan judge, GN exhibitor, and USEF staffer Karen Homer-Brown. USEF hired a prfessional videographer and production company and Karen conducted the interview with AMHA Board member Georgie Green who narrates.

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