Wow Beth you must be so proud of what this blog has become!  I know I am on here every day, and I usually frequent the site more than once a day.  Now that more and more other bloggers are doing the same there are alot more comments and interaction.  But now say I am not on until the evening, there are alot more “recent comments” than you can list, so if I want to see what anyone has made new comments about it would take a lengthy amount of time to go through.  Is there a way to change that section on the home page to something like “todays comments” and maybe link it to another page, this would show just what you have now but all the comments for the day?  And it would free up some space on the home page for you to do something else.  Just a suggestion.  Have a great day everyone! =)  Michele

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  1. tech says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Michele.

    I’d like to know what you and others think of this “Recent Comments” page.

    It lists the most recent comments, ordered by post. You can scan the comment time and author to see if it has been posted since your last visit, and then click on either the post title or the comment author to go to that post or comment.

  2. jdenzel says:

    I love it! Ir’s the first thing I look at when I visit the site so I can see the latest comments!

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