Forums and Private Messaging are Here

While Blackeyebeth is out of action on a highway somewhere in Missouri, I’ve been stuck at home working on the blog. I wanted to let everyone know that the Forum section of is up and running. You may recall that in a recent poll, users voted overwhelmingly in favor of adding forums to the blog. We were able to find a plugin that adds the forum, as well as private messaging, to the blog. Your login and password are the same as the blog (remember, they are case sensitive).

Please, go ahead a kick the tires, let us know how it’s working. I should warn you that private messaging will not work unless you’ve contributed to the forums.

Also, we’ve had a couple of issues over the weekend with the site going down. I think these are fixed, but if you find the site down (500 internal server error, or any other error), please email to let us know.


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