First Impressions

Morganrider got me thinking.  She mentioned she had never been to OKC before.  So, for all of us “old-timers” who have gone, lets give Morganrider some impressions.  Specifically, what are your strongest memories or impressions from your first trip to OKC?


Mine are:

1.     The stall decorations.  They are so ornate, with entire living rooms, large trees, wide screen TV’s, and great wall hangings.


2.     Walking on foot through the coliseum ingate.  It just gave me shivers to be there.


3.     The vendors…OK, I love to shop so vendors are always cool…especially when they line both sides of the coliseum hallways.


4.     Watching the best of the breed come down the chute, one by one, for the Park Saddle Championship.  My first year there was when Schaparelli won.  Also in the class were Centerpiece and Liberation First Star.  I think that little mare just got better and better the longer they worked.  What an engine!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree the first time I went to Oklahoma my trainer took me down to the colesium on foot, It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up….looking around seeing all the horses banners…all the legends surrounding the place that made it all happen, it was a very surreal moment.
    I remember watching the Roadster to bike World Champ class with my Dad, it was SO much fun. my dads not very horse orientated but a fan of F1 and such and we both just loved that class it was a fun moment to share..and that class had some pretty awesome horses in I think Romantic Ways ended up winning.

  2. amie9191 says:

    Oh gosh my first trip to Nationals……

    The stall decorations just blew me away! I also loved the banners for the world champions hanging :-)

    Just getting to see the nicest morgans (and their trainers) together in one place is enough to blow me away!

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    I have to agree with the stall decorations being the first thing that hit me. I never in a million years thought they would be that ornate and fancy. Leather couches, chandeliers, wet bars, fountains…you name it, it’s there.

    The first thing that hits me when think about my first drive out with the horses was the number of trucks that are parked at truck stops and rest areas in the middle of the night. I had never been out on an interstate at 2-3am and just had no idea how many there are (I know…I am a little sheltered!!). It was just a weird sight.

  4. colwilrin says:

    Oh, BEB…your account of the trucks somehow reminded me of one more thing.

    Being in O’Hare and spotting so many people with Morgan logos on their shirts, bags…and holding tell-tale issues of the Connection, THM, and the OKC prize list. It seemed like everyone was on their way to the show!

  5. amie9191 says:

    Colwilrin I forgot about seeing all the morgan people at the airports! On the trip home of my first year our plane was filled with morgan people heading back to the east coast….we all chatted about how great the show was :-)

  6. suziep says:

    Going to Nationals the 1st time , is so !!! there are no words to explain the feel. It is the best of the best horses , riders, and trainers. The frist time i went i blowed away when i saw Eitan enter the colesium on Santa Fe Renegade and won both titles World Champion Western Pl,Grand National Champion Western pl Stallions Unanimous vote by 3 jugdes. I knew then i was going to get a foal out of Santa Fe.
    And i do have one . It is something you never forget that is for sure.

  7. hrhirene says:

    The stall decorations are certainly something to see! That is my favorite part, going and seeing what new and fabulous things they’re using this year and seeing who all is there.

    The first time I set foot in the Coliseum was in the stands and it was kind of a shiver of unreality. My first Oklahoma wasn’t too long ago and it was an EXTREMELY exciting moment to finally see The Big Ring.

    The first time I showed in the Coliseum I will admit that I cried all through my first lap :) The judges probably thought my horse was being a pain or something (she was perfect and we were top ten) teehee. I just couldn’t help it. I remember waiting to trot down the chute and being SO excited, SO terrified and SO in awe of it all.

    I saw Stand and Deliver win the Park Saddle Championship when I was there- and what a class – he just got better and better. That class and the Park Harness Open Championship were my favorites. It was my first time seeing JW That Special Flaire in person and it was when Judy still had him. I was blown away.

  8. Jenny says:

    I love reading everyone’s comments. I’ve dream’t about going to Nationals since I was a jr. exhibitor, but never had the funds. I hope to show there for the first time in the next couple of years. I know that I will be such a sap and sooooo excited.

  9. jjoker says:

    First thing that struck me was the stalls, i walked threw the barns on the way to main ring video taping everything. When i got to the main ring and saw the banners i was blown away it’s awesome. couragous won the park (1994)its still the best performance i have ever seen i thought on that night, i don’t think he could have been beat by anyone. I put this show up there with the best, this is morgans at its best. Have fun everyone !

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