There and Back Again..

Saturday morning I drove to my trainer’s barn, helped load up for the Big Show and off we went down the road to Oklahoma City.  I was lucky in that I didn’t have to drive any (I offered but was declined…not sure if that is a testament to my driving or if everybody was in a good driving zone – I am guessing the “former”).  Instead I just tucked myself in the back of an extended cab truck and was able to sleep most of the way.  We stopped a few times for gas and to check the “kids” but we had an excellent drive and arrived in about 19 hours.  Once we got unloaded and ate, I was able to make myself a little more useful and organized the stalls while everybody else got some rest Sunday afternoon. 

I have to admit I was (and still am) very excited given that I actually have 2 horses showing this year. The last year I took my mare she injured herself before the show even started and was then off for the subsequent summer. I am so, so, so excited to see her come down the ramp and enter the coliseum! My 2 year old is also showing in hand and, although she was absolutely EXHAUSTED (she was falling asleep while trying to eat even 24 hours after she got there) she traveled well as did the other 4 horses we brought.

Due to my family obligations I hopped a plane Monday AM and flew back home. I am returning on Friday night to stay for the rest of the show. Before I left I was able to shoot some video to give everybody an idea what things look like early in the week. When I get back I will also get some footage to show the transformation that occurs in the barns by Friday. Barn 1 is always full of pretty cool decorations.

The video starts in Barn 1, followed by barn 3.  I then cross the street to show the new warm up rings and the other show ring.  The ending is the coliseum.   Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. anonymous says:

    just wanted to let you know i really appreciate this! I’m leaving Friday, and I’m soooo excited =]

  2. colwilrin says:


    Cool! Thanks. We are coming in Friday as well, see you then. What barn are you in? We are in 9, in the same row as Showcase/Slomi’s.

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    We are in Barn 1, up towards the coliseum end; close to the same place as last year.

    (I thought a little video might “wet everyone’s whistle” a bit!!)

  4. amie9191 says:

    I leave tonight!!!!

  5. colwilrin says:

    Amie – have a safe trip and good luck!

  6. colwilrin says:

    BEB –

    I’ll pop by and see you sometime this weekend. Think about coming over to the Bombay some evening with T and I for some shrimpers, white russians, and girly horse talk.

  7. amie9191 says:

    Thanks Colwilrin! Are you already out there?

  8. colwilrin says:

    No, unfortunately. I am flying out Friday morning…though I’d gladly change my flight to right now if I could!

  9. morganrider says:

    Thank you Beth! I’ve never been to OKC for the Grand National. It’s great to have this perspective and an inside peak at what’s going on. You’re the best.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This was cool to see everything in progress! I’ve only ever been when everythings all set up. I can’t wait to get out there!
    I just wish I was showing!

  11. amie9191 says:

    Colwilrin I hear ya! I actually looked into getting my flight changed so I could go out earlier but it would have cost me $200+ so I didn’t do it.

  12. colwilrin says:

    Wow…that is really high…and stopped me from calling my airline and asking! I’ll just wait another 50 hours and 53 minutes…tick, tock.

  13. amie9191 says:

    LOL I’m sitting here staring at the clock….I’m leaving work today at 12:00 but my plane doesn’t leave until 6:00.

    I just hope that its cooler this year…..last year it was HOT and the sun was a killer in the outside arena.

  14. amahill says:

    It is killing me that I will not be out there untill NEXT wed. arggggggg Stupid work

    I post the schedule for Monday and Tuesday in my office, highlighted the classes that are a must watch. I told my Boss those are the approx time outs for the day. LOL

    I am very lucky to work in an office where they are so flexible and supportive.

  15. colwilrin says:

    The forecast is in the 80′s for the rest of the week. 85 on Sat. Then it is going to rain on Monday which looks like it is bring the temps down to the high 70′s.

    Of course, my bags went with the trainers this past weekend, before the forecast was up. So, I have almost every article of my clothing (for hot and cold) down there. It felt like I ironed over 100 items!

  16. leslie says:

    I have still never been. Maybe next year if I find a local Morgan farm with which to affiliate myself. Thanks for posting the videos for those of us stuck at home!

  17. amie9191 says:

    Amahill that is so funny that you have the class listing hanging in your office! I went class by class on gaitkeeper and highlighted what classes are a *must see*. My friends are flying out next Thursday and I even printed off class schedules for them LOL

    Colwilrin I’m with you on the amount of clothes I brought…..I have two big suitcases and I just hope I can manage them by myself when I get to the airport!

    Only 1 hour until I leave work!

  18. amie9191 says:

    Leslie I’m going out by myself and actually met some new friends because they trailered my horse out there for me.

    The good thing about morgan people is we LOVE to talk with anyone about our horses :-)

  19. amahill says:

    Next year you are more than welcome to join us. You will laugh at this, Sarah informed me last night that she is going to join us at Club Rodeo since she will have no husband and children out there. From what I hear Jackie also wants to join. I think she may be in for an experience.

    I purchased the first 4 days of the show online yesterday, but can’t wait to actually get out there next week!

  20. hamgirl says:

    Seeing this gives me goosebumps…haven’t been since 2004 but the place is permanently embedded in my heart and mind…can’t wait to return… next year i hope!!!

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