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With the website posting the class lists and entries for OKC, is there any specific classes that you have on your “must see list”?

 For those who are showing are you glad that there is a way to find out who you are showing against?

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  1. Morgan Manfreda says:

    youth hunter pleasure is a must see for me :)

  2. anonymous says:

    Saddleseat Eq 16-17
    English Pleasure Ladies Gelding
    Western Pleasure Stallion
    Hunter Pleasure Ladies Gelding
    Hunter Pleasure Jr Exh 16-17 Champ
    Hunter Pleasure 4 year Old
    Park Saddle Finals

    And all the Walk Trot, which is always my fav =]

  3. bella says:

    Everything Hunter pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first time going, and anything my trainer is judging as I love to try and pick and see how close I am to her choices.

    This is Bella92290 but I cannot sign in for some reason.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Amateur Park Saddle class will be exciting!

  5. stretch says:

    I am more excited than ever, seeing the depth of the competition in some of the classes!

  6. denu220 says:

    Everything park saddle :)

  7. mlo says:

    Hunter Pleasure Stallions and Geldings 15 Hands and Over, SS Equitation 16-17, AMHA Hunt Seat Medal, and several Western Pleasure classes.

  8. jjoker says:

    open park championship!! does anyone think david might try for am. and open?
    the junior classes.

  9. I don’t think you will see David and LIB in the Open Championship. They have nothing to prove at this point in that division, and Grace has had a stellar season. The horse I have my eye on that might give it a try is the very nice Maserati son that the Arcuri’s have, CRD Bugatti. That is a fantastic horse! This is my thinking…. Stand and Deliver is the one to beat in the Open WC. If he can’t be beaten, the horse that is most similar to him and puts in the cleanest, best go, should tie Reserve WC. Bugatti is a fresh face, very typey and from photos, looks very much like S&D in style, more so, I think than the also very impressive HVK Vibrance. I could make a case for showing Bugatti back in the open, especially given that MEM Bonnie Blue is likely to win the Junior Park Saddle title, which is the division Bugatti is the correct age for. I think she still behaves too much like a junior horse to go open– but she is just as talented as anything else out there!! We’ll just have to wait and see.So much to think about.

    I leave tonight!!!!!!!

  10. Amanda says:

    I agree that the 16 & 17 year old EQ qualifier is going to be an extremely exciting class. The depth in that class is simply amazing, all with very different styles too. The judges cards will certainly be interesting.

  11. bks015 says:

    I never, ever get tired of watching JW Romantic Ways go in the roadster to bike.

  12. Dawn Fire says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about “Ways”. Unfortunately, she will not be at OKC this year.

  13. bks015 says:

    Really? It looks like she is signed up for the GN Open class on Gaitkeeper. The crowd is definitely missing out on a good show if she stays home :(

  14. Amanda says:

    Dawn is correct, she will not be showing this year.

  15. Dawn Fire says:

    I agree. Ways is super cool! I would never tire of watching her go around. It is a bummer that she will not be in OKC this year.

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