Ladies and Gentlemen…..

Something made me think about this since we have been talking about the fabulous women trainers we know.  It “seems” it is mostly women blogging on here, doesn’t it?  Not that it is bad, I just thought if it was factual it was rather interesting.

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  1. elise says:

    I think women have always had the patience and consistency needed to work with horses. Not that there aren’t some great men trainers and clinicians, actually quite a few come to mind, but on the whole, I think it comes from the hard-wired nurturing thing that’s in us as women. To get a horse to do the right things happily, you have to be nurturing, yet not put up with any guff. My trainer for me and my horse, is, (surprise) a woman. But I have seen her calmly get a very big bodied horse right in line just from her presence and role as leader. I also think that women really share information well and aren’t afraid to ask for help when something comes up that they need to get a handle on. (Maybe this is why we’ll ask for directions when we’re lost,ha-ha). I think it’s great that we have gone from side saddle prettiness to roping and cutting with the boys. Keep riding and training, ladies!!

  2. lucky says:

    I agree that women have the ‘Steel Magnolia’ touch that all creatures respond to: kids, horses, men (don’t tell them!!).

    I think our ability to explain and teach…think about what it takes to get a baby to grow into a responsible child without wrecking him/her…is transferred onto EVERYTHING we teach.

    I know I’m very soft and patient with my horse…not always as much as now ;-)…but I get much more from my horse with patience.

    Men seem to know they can manhandle any situation which, I think, lessens their ability to be soft and patient. I’ve seen DH struggle to move a heavy object with brute force (not so much on the ‘brute’ side for him :-) when I come along and using a totally different technique am able to get it moved much more easily. I have to work smart BECAUSE I’m not strong. I think that applies to working with horses. They are much easier to get along with when I show them that it’s FUN to do what I want, that it’s SAFE to do what I want, and they get TREATS when they do what I want (men and Morgans aren’t so-o-o-o-o different are they? LOL).

  3. jjoker says:

    oh my! i’m afraid i think the wemen have more to overcome and only the strong survive. Like anyone in the minority of anything you have to work that much harder and are willing to listen and say i don’t know. that’s real strength. i’m serious those are hard things to do.

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