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I know of a mare that some people got and she is older they do not have her papers but, do know her lineage. Could they breed the mare to a reg.’ed Morgan stallion and still register the baby? The mare was never bloodtyped as she is older.


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  1. denu220 says:

    My initial guess is no, they couldn’t register the baby :(

  2. colwilrin says:

    Have your friends give the AMHA registry a call. They would be able to instruct them on how and if the mare could be registered.

  3. Windenhill says:

    If they know the mare’s registered name, they can call AMHA and get the last recorded owner’s name and contact information (it may not be current, but it’s a starting point). From there, they can contact that person and see if they still have the mare’s original registration papers. If not, then if they would cooperate in signing a “duplicate paper request” and then a transfer of ownership, which would re-issue her papers to your friend.

    The registry can also tell you if there is frozen blood serum on file for this mare. If she’s still of breeding age (say 22 years or younger), then she probably was bloodtyped, but may or may not have serum for them to convert her to DNA, which is required. If no serum exists, then it’s more expensive to have her DNA’d.

    Once you get past all that, have papers and DNA in hand, then your friend can consider breeding her. HOWEVER, I would really look critically at the mare. Is she worth all the trouble? Or does your friend just think it would be fun to have a foal? These days, the last thing we need is “just another horse” on the ground…

  4. Mocha Mom says:

    Welcome Windenhill. I don’t remember seeing you here before, but I know that you are knowledgable about breeding issues due to your long history of breeding beautiful Morgans. I hope you will return often and allow all of us to benefit from your experience.

    I couldn’t agree more with your caution to Empressive’s friend not to create a baby just because she/he can. There is probably a reason why that mare’s papers didn’t go with her when she was sold.

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