News From the New York Regional

MochaMom, my essential helper and abundant information source, called me today with an update regarding the “goings-on” at the New York Regional.  It sounds like it not only has many quality horses showing, but also lots of other things going on too.

Right now it is raining on the Dressage classes.  I bet there are a few people having flashbacks to New England.

New Yorker Al Celecki has been quite instrumental to the smooth operation of the show ring.  On Wednesday, the Show Committee was informed that one of the scheduled Ring Masters was unable to officiate the show.  Mr. Celecki made himself available since he is an accredited Ring Master and the Show Committee agreed to have him stand in for the absent official.

Last night there was quite an exciting Open Roadster to Bike class.  MochaMom said there were 6 really talented Roadster horses flying around a pretty small arena.  As a testament to the skill of the drivers, there were no wrecks or crashes (maybe a “near miss”, though).

The Pink Ribbon Program at this show has shown the strongest fundraising efforts that MochaMom has seen to date. Many people, both youth and adults, have been working hard to raise money for this important cause.  Most notably, the youth from Rolling Oaks Stable have gone aisle to aisle selling pink “Chuck-a-Ducks”.  These little pink toys are being bought for a contest in which the ducks are thrown toward a target and the person that gets the closest wins money or a prize (hence “Chuck”-a-Duck).  The kids are also selling white chocolate Pink Ribbon suckers.

In addition to the efforts of the Rolling Oaks Stable, other fund raising efforts are underway.  Both World Champion Tack and MochaMom herself are giving away Pink Ribbon lapel pins in exchange for a donation.  Show attendees can also purchase pink paper horses and write on it the name of a loved one or friend stricken by breast cancer.  These horses are being hung in the coliseum in honor of those individuals with the goal being to sell enough so that the horse circle the entire coliseum.

Donating money is not the only way that people are showing there support.  Items such as Pink shirts, hats, shorts, and pins have been donned by many.  In fact, MochaMom has been wearing a “Save The Ta-Tas” shirt and others have been wearing shirts that say “Save The Boobies” (I love that one!)

The Ladies English Pleasure Pink Ribbon Class was last night and there was a great turn out for the night.  There were 13 entries in the class itself.  In addition to the Pink First Place Ribbon, the winner of the class (Queen’s Fancy Me ridden by Leslie Kelley) was also adorned with a beautiful garland of Pink Cabbage Roses.  MochaMom said it was absolutely gorgeous.  To see it go to Terry Young’s website.

That is all I have for now. Watch later tonight for the Futurity Results. If you are at the show and reading this, remember the Meet and Greet tonight.

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