Hurricane Ike Evacuation Information

I just saw in article, “ Texas A&M Vet College Helping Coordinate Area Equine Evacuation“,
by Agricultural Communications, Texas A&M University System, that Texas A&M has been helping in the evacuation of horses in the Texas region soon to be hit by Hurricane Ike.  During the evacuation for Hurricane Katrina, animal owners were not allowed to bring their pets, causing the loss of many four legged family members.  While federal law now allows evacuees to bring their house pets with them it doesn’t mandate that owners are allowed to bring along livestock.  Because many understand the emotional and financial loss involved in losing large animals, the Brazos County Animal Issues Commitee has been preparing for possible emergency evacuations of all animals, large and small:

The Brazos County Emergency Management Team, in cooperation with the Brazos Animal Shelter and the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, has been preparing to receive animals arriving with evacuees from Hurricane Ike. A unique part of the sheltering plan in Brazos County has been the response plan for those evacuating with horses and domestic livestock.

Animal owners in Brazos County are asked to first go to the reception center at Veteran’s Park, where they will receive shelter assignments. Large animals (domestic livestock, including horses) and small animals will be housed in two separate locations.

In addition the article lists websites and telephone numbers giving information to evacuees of this area:

In addition, the College of Veterinary Medicine has established an Emergency Response Web site that can be a valuable resource to those planning for evacuation. It can be accessed at On the site are links to maps on how to reach the Reception Center at Veteran’s Park, policies and procedures for pet owners sheltering at one of the two designated sites, and preparation lists for evacuating with pets.

For additional information, please visit, or Brazos County Emergency Management, 979/393-9913 or 979/393-9914.

If you know anyone caught in this awful natural disaster please relay this information to them.

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