Scottfield Stables Open Barn– A Big Success!

I have pasted Suzy Lucine’s very nicely written Press Release below, along with some pictures taken during the day. Thank You, Suzy for covering our event, and Thank You to Emily Puthawala for taking such great candids!!

Alicia Fraser, owner/trainer of Scottfield Stables in Montrose, PA, hosted an open house on August 23. The beautiful summer day brought almost 50 newcomers and 50 Morgan friends and family members to the farm.


A local disc jockey provide background music during all the presentations, which were held in the farm’s new 80 x 200-foot outdoor arena. Mary Puthawala was the announcer.


With the help of a dedicated crew in the barn, Alicia presented six Morgans. The first was LSF Claris Starling, a four-year-old black mare, whom she led in-hand. She then presented KJM Heir of Confession, an 11-year-old bay gelding, as a pleasure driving horse. Alicia used the eight-year-old bay gelding, LSF Nevermoretal, as a classic pleasure saddle horse, and then LSF She’s Come Undone, a five-year-old chestnut mare, as an English pleasure mount. Using Hermitage Avatar, Alicia gave a thorough demonstration of saddle seat equitation, that included both rail work and patterns. Finally, to close the show, Alicia debuted WTS Simply Outrageous, a seven-year-old son of Simply Maserati, to demonstrate the Park division.


During a break between the presentations, tickets were pulled out of a hat, and the winning ticket holders were awarded riding lessons at Scottfield Stables. The disc jockey figured out who traveled the furthest to attend this event, and Nick and Robin Pelham received a $25 gas card.


Refreshments, including finger foods, dips and desserts, were enjoyed by all.

A Very Good Turnout, indeed!Our Main AisleWTS Simply Outrageous

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  1. denu220 says:

    Congratulations, Alicia! I wish I could have been there!

  2. Thank You, and I wish you could have been here, too! It was just a really great day! The Horses were so well behaved, and a few of them were really on, and the weather was great, and we had so much food! And the people were just so nice! What fun! :-)

  3. Em says:

    Yes, it was tons of fun. And what a great turn out!!

  4. Erika Rose says:

    I am sooo sorry I couldn’t get up! i was looking so forward to it too. I didn’t even get out to ride once that weekend I was so sick lol.

    Can’t wait for NY now!!

  5. I will see you there, Erika! And thanks, Em!

  6. elise says:

    It was an awesome day and the horses were all happy to meet people and get treats and pets. Simply Outrageous was simply phenomenal! Even with umbrellas, people nearby in chairs, and music and activity, he was happy to put on a show for us. He’ll be one . Clarissa looked every bit the lovely lady and Kobe and Ronnie always deliver. Alicia and the team do a great job of keeping the horses she has at the farm happy to be around people. I can’t think of one horse that I’m not happy to see when I come for my lesson or just to see some talented riding .

  7. elise says:

    OOPS, How could I forget Fred? He was great, too, and he loves driving so much, you can tell he likes his job. Sorry, bud!!!

  8. Thanks for the nice comments, Elise! Libby was in there too, but I’ll be the first to point out that, while she didn’t take a wrong step, she didn’t put on any real horse show on that day! She was pretty content to take it easy that particular ride. Maybe she’s saving up for NY Regional! :-)

    Also, thanks for the kind words in regards to the day to day operations as well. The horses enjoy you as well!

  9. Thanks again to Suzy Lucine whose press release has now found its way to the AMHA website as well as the saddlehorse report! Add that to the posting here at, and I would say this event got plenty of coverage! Thanks again to everyone!

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