Best Restaurants in OKC

I thought it would be fun to talk about all the great places to eat out in OKC. I figure it would be good to maybe hear about some discoveries off the main drag. I miss the days of Molly Murphys, Sullivans, and Applewoods. I have been to the new location for Applewoods, but it is not conviently located. I’d love to hear about other favorite eateries.

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  1. colwilrin says:

    The Red Rock Canyon Grill. It is up on Lake Hefner, just a quick jot up the expressway. The lake has a beautiful marina, and there several restaurants there with outdoor patios. It is very relaxing. Word of warning, may of the portions are HUGE and it is easy to “over order.”

    Zios – On the main drag going towards the airport. Italian food much better than Olive Garden. They also have nice wines.

  2. bella92290 says:

    Less than a month away, does anyone have any other suggestions? I am going as a spectator for the 1st time, SOOO excited. We cannot show as our trainer is judging so we thought it would be fun and benficial to go this year to watch… I need some restaurant ideas please.

  3. skippacheval says:

    Ted’s Escondido Cafe in Norman is excellent for Tex/Mex

  4. colwilrin says:

    How far is Norman from the fairgrounds?

  5. colwilrin says:

    What a cutie, he looks so happy at his job.

  6. colwilrin says:

    Sorry, that was supposed to go under the Classic Gelding.

    Isn’t he just so cute?

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