Seeks Trainer/Coach in Michigan

I am a recent transplant to Michigan and although we took this year off I am trying to locate a trainer for the 2009 season.  We have competed successfully at national and regional levels in Western and Hunt seat .  My work schedule is not allowing me to keep my horse in top shape and being a “master” I am not in top shape either.  Does anyone know who I can talk to within an hour or so of Jackson, MI (Ann Arbor is too far)?  I need someone who has the staff to simply exercise and maybe fine tune a finished show horse without adding their own buttons.  Me, however, now I could use some help!  I am looking for someone to show with and maybe go to nationals next year.  As Plan B I am looking for someone to haul and show with next season.  Any recommendations would be very appreciated!

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  1. Jan says:

    I am more than happy to recommend Mary Carlton, at Crystal Farms, in Marshall which is about 30 miles west of Jackson. I have been with her for many years and she and her staff do an excellant job with both horses and lessons for their riders. Her show record speaks for itself.

  2. Peppermintpatti says:

    I am with Mary too and LOVE her! She is wonderful and very professional. This is my first year with her and I couldn’t be more happy.

  3. Merlcann08 says:

    Welcome to Michigan and Jackson! We live just Southeast of Jackson near MIS. Depending on which side of Jackson you could also try Morgan Valley Farm (Lori Beasley and Becky Basch). Feel free to email at

  4. anonymous says:

    Mary Carlton, Lori Marino, Katie Mair, possible David Earehart are all good trainers and in Michigan =]

  5. LoriLiz says:

    Mike Wahl would be another option. He is located in Mason, which less than 30 minutes north of Jackson. He trains out of Massman Stables on Hogsback Road.

  6. Karen B. Hertz says:

    I would suggest David Earehart, owner,trainer and Morgan judge, in South Lyon. His stable is just north of Ann Arbor and is not too far from the highway. I have known him since childhood (more than 45 years) and he’s the best! He currently has riders that travel from Grand Rapids area,Saginaw,
    Hart and several other Mich. cities. For adult riders and youth,he is tops for equitation training and their show record speaks volumes. I personally used to drive in from Kalamazoo for years to have my daughter ride with him. The other trainers mentioned above are all fine trainers also.


  7. Bette's Mom says:

    Thanks Everyone! I will be bugging these guys after OKC.

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