Hunt Seat Breeches

Recently I have noticed black breeches being worn in the hunter pleasure classes. Is that permissable? I love the look, but the traditionalist in me hesitates to jump on board. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. colwilrin says:

    Under the USEF Morgan rules for Hunt attire, no specific color is mentioned for “informal” attire. So technically, it is permissible and may even be fashion forward. I, like you, would tend to shy away to the more traditional colors.

    I’d like to add here the rule on Shadbellys…as I have witnessed them being worn inappropriately at several shows. The shadbelly is to be worn with either buff or canary breeches (NO WHITE)…and can only be worn in a qualifying class if it is AFTER 6pm. If it is a Championship class, it can be worn at any time during the day. (per USEF morgan rules)

    Again, being more traditional, even though rules permit more liberal use, you would only catch me in a shadbelly if it were a Championship class…at night…in a large (ie: NE, OKC) show. I would even hesitate to wear it in anything but the open division.

  2. denu220 says:

    Oh wow, you’re talking to a bonafide foxhunter here… Of course, I prefer buff or cream (NO WHITE for hunter classes) but realize rust and sage green are also worn and accepted as breech colors. BLACK—imo, ick! I would leave the black to schooling… By the way, Tailored Sportsman makes a beautifully fitted breech with the zipper on the side (so your tummy doesn’t stick out from the front fly) in muted, traditional colors. What’s legal and what’s tasteful are sometimes two different things—I’d stay with the tasteful, traditional look.

  3. colwilrin says:

    Where can I find the Tailored Sportsman breeches? Is there a website to order?

  4. JK says:

    I showed hunters in the Morgan world and in collegiate competitions, and we always wore the Tailored Sportsman breeches. These are the best breeches, IME. They are pretty pricy, but you may be able to find classifieds selling them gently used or on eBay. Also, Dover Saddlery sells them. HTH

  5. Anonymous says:

    My trainer & I were actually talking about this at Mass Morgan last week because we’ve been seeing more and more riders with unconventional attire. We both agreed that we don’t like the colorful breeches. The tan breeches are just so classic and can go with everything. But bright blue, pink, purple, etc…yuck. just my opinion. It doesn’t look professional or traditional.

  6. colwilrin says:

    I can understand wanting to stand out in the ever-growing hunt classes, but lets keep the splash of color on the shirt. The traditional muted colored jacket with tan breeches looks wonderful accented by a hint of brightness in the shirt.

    What I am afraid of is that in an effort to stand out, the hunt fashions will go in the direction of Saddleseat attire circa late 1980′s, early 1990′s…


    My motto, I don’t want to look back at victory pass pictures 10 years from now and wonder “what was I thinking”?! Keep it classic.

  7. KarenL says:

    ick-ick-ick. I figured this was coming- as the QH’s go, so go the Morgans a season or two later. My leastest favorite is the black coat with the black shirt- the Johnny Cash look. I’ll stick with my traditional stuff- timeless, classy & a whole lot cheaper than following the latest trend.

  8. mlo46 says:

    I think the black breeches are attractive when paired right. We have already seen black breeches win in Oklahoma in 2006, however not many have been bold enough to do it.

  9. denu220 says:

    colwilrin, I get my Tailored Sportsman breeches from Dover Saddlery. They’re not the least expensive but have an incredibly classy look and are made from very good-quality materials.

  10. colwilrin says:

    Thanks, now if I can just figure out the sizing! I think it goes by waist, but I don’t want them too tight.

    Also, any ideas on a good pair of field boots. I do not want the kind with the back zipper.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I recommend the Ariat Challenge field boot. You can get it without the zipper and they are very nice boots for a pretty standard field boot price. I have a pair and the leather is really nice and flexible.

  12. colwilrin says:

    Thanks, my Western boots are Ariat and are so comfortable. I’ll check the hunt boots out online.

  13. I too prefer the traditional hunter look. I agree that the more colorful breeches may stand out more in the pack, but for me, not for the right reasons!

    I am addicted to Tailored Sportsman breeches and won’t wear anything else! Love em!!

  14. bella92290 says:

    I agree, traditional works for me, the buff or the light green, alot of us at our barn talked of this at Mass Morgan as we saw orange, lavender, light blue…..not for me. And I agree with the Shad Belly, championship classes only, and we only usually use them at night. I would have to say if I went for ANY other color breeches rather than traditional I would go with black with nice coat with it, but only with the right coat and only on the right person.

  15. Amanda says:

    When I read the original post the first thing i thought of was Mass Morgan. I could not believe the color breeches I saw, Pink, Purple, Sky blue. I too think tan and cream, then dress it up else where. IE shirt, or even a little felx with the jacket. I saw a very nice red/marron hunt coat at NE. I don’t remember where, but I also saw a bronze one I really liked.

  16. colwilrin says:

    I remember back in the 1980′s when dyed-to-match derbies and western hats were all the rage. Thank goodness my mother wouldn’t let me wear one! I look back at the pictures and cringe.

    IMO Dyed-to-match derbies and western hats are rarely a good choice, and are only acceptable for leadline; W/T; jr exhibs; equit when doing the monochromatic look. Once you turn 18, those toppers should become hand-me-downs, lest you look outdated!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Amanda- I know the jacket you are talking about, I agree it was very beautiful. It was on the girl who shows Apostrophe. I wouldn’t think that it was my taste but it was really nice.

  18. evamorgan says:

    I agree about the traditional conservative britches. Which brings up another question.
    What about tall boots in walk trot? Aren’t paddock boots and gators for walk trot and then you “earn” your tall boots when you step up to cantering?

  19. In regards to tall boots in walk and trot– my personal policy is that you get tall boots when you canter. I have not yet found a parent that doesn’t appreciate not having to buy new tall boots every 6 months for their growing walk and trotter. Nothin you can do about it once they canter, but at least those first few years you might be able to save a few bucks.

  20. JK says:

    I agree on the tall boots for W/T/C too! I have also seen Shadbellys in Walk-Trot. Why???

  21. Stacy says:

    Coming from the hunter world first, my tall boots came when I entered the 14-17 division. Until then, jodphers and jodpher boots. I won both the AMHA Hunt Seat Gold Medals finals (on the flat and over fences) in my jodphers:)I am not a fan of little kids in tall boots..chops up their legs and just loooks too mature, IMO.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I agree about the tall boots. I do not like seeing the walk trotters in them. And Alicia brought up a good point- tall boots are very, very expensive. When I moved up to walk trot canter, I was basically done growing and that’s why you go out and get a nice pair of tall boots, because you won’t be getting a new pair. Walk trotters are going to outgrow theirs and their parents may end up having to buy them 2 our 3 pairs.

  23. ErikaRose says:

    Oklahoma this past year I saw some crazy jackets, that I thought were very tacky. I’ve also seen the pink breeches and think it’s icky too.

    I too am more of a traditionalist with hunter clothes, cream/buff/beige breeches, a darker jacket and the color comes from the shirt. Rust breeches I can deal with if worn in taste, as well as a pretty grey.

    I hate seeing tall boots on walk trotters. I was always taught that when you move up into the 13 and under division that is when you graduate to tall boots. The painful prize for cantering lol.

    As far as dyeing derbies/hats I think dyeing them is great. For example with my one suit I needed a brown derby and every one we found was just too light of a shade so we had to dye it a darker brown.
    In now way shape or form am I encouraging anyone to dye their derby to match their red day coat, but I think dyeing can be really helpful.

    All this talk about dyeing things to match brings me back to my dance days when we had to dye our toe shoes to match our outfits, even if that meant they had to be teal.

  24. I wear a dark blue, but not navy, suit, and think it looks nice with a dark blue derby. I agree that dyed to match teal would not do! :-)

  25. anonymous says:

    I too got my tall boots when I moved up to 13&U….I think that little kids legs look a bit weird in tall boots, becuause they aren’t filled out yet.

  26. Just Me says:

    My daughter wore tall boots her last year of walk trot…. The reason was that she was too tall to get the walk trot style breeches, and she wore a size 10 boot. She is in the 14-17 division now and still wearing the same boots.

  27. Leslie says:

    I was just flipping through the Connection last night and noticing how things like black breeches and bright (often ugly) color coats seem to be in right now. I am not a fan. The bridal-gown-white coat I saw a while ago tops the list, though.

    I went to the USEF Pony Nationals a couple of weekends ago and saw a girl walking around in pink breeches. I wondered if she actually showed in those or if it was just a fashion statement while cheering on her barnmates. All the kids I saw riding were in shadbellies because it was championship day. A couple of the kids in the large pony hunters were wearing jods and paddock boots. I kind of wondered about that…I figured there was some hard-and-fast rule about jods vs. tall boots in the hunter world, especially for a show that big.

  28. love-equitation says:

    I would never wear black breeches. Just doesn’t look right. I think we should try to keep the traditional tan/beige breeches going :]

  29. Ruby Epona says:

    It’s been drilled in my head that cream breeches required for huntseat. I usually use black breeches for schooling shows and practice.

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