Selling a Horse? Add a Video Here

Often times when you have a horse for sale, an interested party will call and ask for video to be sent prior to their coming to your farm.   Even if you already have video for a particular horse, you then have to copy it onto a disk and drive to the post office to send it.   To save time, money and to give instant feedback for the request, you can post the video here on  It is free, the videos stay up forever (or for as long as I am able to keep you all interested in my blog!) and all you have to do when a video is requested is give the person the webpage address (the http://…).   I will hopefully be printing the link for my filly on her Connection Ad that is coming out next month.  That way, if someone is interested in her, they can come directly to and see her video. 

It is just another “green” and time saving idea I came up with.  If someone is interested in doing this and needs help just email me at

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