Ahoy Mates!

Anyone going to Mass Morgan?  Should be a fun show as always!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes it should be very fun! It’s definitely my favorite show. Good competition, good parties, and just a ton of fun. And it looks like the judging is going to be good, a nice change from NE! Can’t wait!!

  2. evamorgan says:

    We will be there too. It is always a very fun show. And it even looks like it will not be too beastly hot this year. Yeah!!

  3. denu220 says:

    I’ll be there, too. Now, if I could only find some pirate gear…

  4. 2girlsmom says:

    My children will be riding their first “A” show there. We are very excited.

  5. denu220 says:

    Your children will have a BLAST!!!! They’ll love all the decorations, youth games/contests, and festivites!

  6. 2girlsmom says:

    Thank you denu220, I have sent them out with their Grandmother today to pick up some decorations. I also have to see if I can put some Pirate costumes together from the dress up box. I think it will be fun for them. My children are taking the place of my sister and I who showed Morgans about 15 – 20 years ago. It is a family affair. My parents and sister will be joining us at the show. Isn’ that what makes showing horses, especially Morgans the best.

  7. colwilrin says:

    How do the horses react to the decorations? Do they acclimate well, or does it cause problems?

    The first year I rode at OKC, they had giant palm-type plants at the end of the ring. They were almost sticking out into the path and I was very afraid that my horse would shy at them.

    Boy was I wrong! He went by them one time and one of the palms rubbed against his butt. It must have felt good because in every class when we got down to that end of the ring, he would bend his body into a “C” shape as we went into the corner so that he could get deep enough into the turn to rub himself along the palms. Last year he looked for the palms…and was very disappointed that his “butt scratchers” weren’t there!

  8. denu220 says:

    Hah, hah—one of my horses FREAKED out at MA Morgan… It was not our best show :( Of all classes, he was in Classic Pleasure. The theme was Christmas and the music playing “White Christmas.” All this while my goofball gelding (I still love him) flipped out in front of the lovely display of Christmas trees and was unceremoniously excused from the class (hiding my head here…). But, it’s still a great show! I’m taking one of my other horses this year—she doesn’t seem to spook at anything (knock on wood). The show is usually very imaginative, festive, and fun! It doesn’t seem to bother *most* of the horses and riders/drivers.

  9. Tina says:

    Usually the horses have no problem with the big centerpiece in the middle. People do like to hide behind it when their horses won’t walk though haha.

  10. colwilrin says:

    Hiding! Ha Ha Ha… been there…there is a sign at the NY show…just big enough to hide behind for a “quick correction”… Gazebos are also great for that!

    Denuzzo…your classic horse was pretending to be one of the ballerina girls from the movie…dancing en point around the tree! He probably thought he would get extra points for that one!

  11. colwilrin says:


    Don’t be embarrassed about getting thrown out of the class.

    I dare ANYONE to beat my record.

    1980…NYS Breeders horse show (My first time ever showing a Morgan)…I was kicked out of THREE classes at the show on the same horse.

    I thought no one would ever forget it…however, I lived through it…am still allowed in a show ring…and before mentioning it just now, I sincerely doubt anyone (except maybe my old trainer) ever remembered it.

  12. morganrider says:

    Mass Morgan is great – definately the best show of the season because of the great parties and enthusiatic exhibitors. I’m really looking forward to it after the stress of New England.

  13. denu220 says:

    It was…very embarrassing to say the least. I mean, a CLASSIC horse??!! Colwilrin, my trainer will split her jods laughing when I show her your comment about the ballerina routine, lol! My park horse can dance circles around my old beloved pleasure gelding and isn’t spooky in the least (thank goodness!).

  14. denu220 says:

    Oh yeah, the elaborate gazebo display is a GREAT thing to hide behind if you’re having an issue with your horse!

  15. Bothered says:

    Anonymous writes….And it looks like the judging is going to be good, a nice change from NE! Can’t wait!!

    HAHA, apparently you weren’t at Maine Morgan! Half the judging could be good anyway.

  16. bella92290 says:

    Wow, I asked one question and got lots of responses! It is a fun show I agree, I am looking forward to it also. I have heard through the grapevine that there were barns not coming due to the one judge, not sure how true that is…..I am looking forward to our judge, my daughter will be showing in the hunter division and I have heard our judge is fair and consistent, that is all we can ask for. Stop by and Say HI!!

  17. denu220 says:

    What barn are you in? I’d love to meet people from here!

  18. bella92290 says:

    I am at Reindance Stables. And you?

  19. To the Reindance Rider–
    Go represent the NY Morgan group (which I consider myself part of as I am more in NY than PA!! :-) and ROCK IT OUT at Mass Morgan!! Pass a “good luck” on to Jen from me!


  20. denu220 says:

    I’m with Bellewether, Judy Nason Stables :)

  21. jjoker says:


  22. bella92290 says:

    For sure stop and say hi, our barns might be near each other…Alicia I will pass your words along. Jenn is actually our trainer for our horse of which my daughter will be showing.

  23. denu220 says:

    Do I ask for “Bella?” (Don’t wanna embarrass myself here…)

  24. bella92290 says:

    LOL, that would be funny,,,,it’s Michele. There is a story behind why I chose Bella as my screen name, nothing to do with me at all.

  25. denu220 says:

    Thanks, Michele :)

  26. 2girlsmom says:

    A quick update my children’s first “A” show was a great time. We had a ball. They loved all the decorations. I hope everyone had a good show.

  27. denu220 says:

    I knew you would! I thought about you guys and was hoping you were having a good time :)

  28. bella92290 says:

    We had a fabulous show!! And I am glad to hear others did too. Everyone from our barn did well. I was very proud of my daughter, reserve champ in the Youth class, 23 horses, split, with a call back. His 6th show ever in his whole little life!!! I cried of course. The decorations were awesome as always.

  29. Congratulations Bella!
    Sounds like you really had to work for that prize, and I am so happy that you got the right one! Will I be seeing you at New York?

  30. bella92290 says:

    Hey there We will be at NY, but our horse won’t, need to save for OK next year. =)

  31. Sorry to hear that your horses won’t be competing, but I will try to find you to introduce myself in person. perhaps when I see your face, I will realize we have already met! See you there!

  32. 2girlsmom says:

    Thank you denu220, and congratulations to bella92290. I am happy to hear I am not the only mother who tears up seeing their baby or babies ride. My older daughter was reserve in walk/jog pleasure and equitaton. My 4 year old was a little star struck in leadline. She was very happy with her very nice bag of goodies.

  33. Amanda says:

    Your daughter had a great ride, I actually went down and stayed with the people whose daughter won that Youth hunter please champ class, What a deep class that was! She should be very happy with her ride!

  34. jpd45 says:

    I had a great time at Mass Morgan as usual. It is just a very fun but still competetive show. The judging was a nice change from New England. The woman judge I thought was overall very fair, not too sure about the man but it was a million times better than NE so I was happy.
    I was not too crazy about the lack of programs though. That was not great having to get a list every morning and not knowing when everything was going to be. My trainers were just a little stressed. & I didn’t like the live band at the party. Everyone has always liked having the d.j. The announcer was a little silly too and pronounced everything wrong. But I’ll stop complaining because overall I had a great time.
    bella- congrats on your daughter’s win, the horses in that class were outstanding, that is a real accomplishment.

  35. bella92290 says:

    Amanda…Thank you so much!
    We were at Reindance, right across from Northgate, and Amy (I think that is her name) came over after the class and they congratulated each other. We have waited years for a horse, seems we waited for the right one, we call him our diamond in the rough. lol =)

  36. bella92290 says:

    We will catch up at NY for sure, I have seen you many times at shows, but I do not think we have every formally met. =)

  37. bella92290 says:

    CRY? I am like a water fountain sometimes! I used to ride myself (On a break now, all the funds go to my daughter and the horse) so I understand being in the ring. They have worked so hard and watching them succeed is a very emotional thing for me, so I know what you are going through. Sounds like yours did well also! Congrats!

  38. bella92290 says:

    We all looked forward to the DJ again also. And we laughed at the announcer all week, rumor has it he is a radio dj, which would explain the bantering. I have no idea if this is really true.
    And the judging was 10 times better as far as the hunters, not because my daughter did well, but she obviously pinned as she saw as we are unknown, he is unknown and she pinned him in all classes ahead of really good horses and riders, some world champions, so to me that shows she judged as she saw it, without looking at the name of the horse or rider or barn, just my opinion of course. But it was for sure a FUN show!

  39. colwilrin says:

    Bella…took me some deducing…but I think your horse isn’t quite as unknown as you think.

    Was he known as Gerald??? If so, he has come SO FAR from when I knew him as a leggy 2 year old. You have done a marvelous job with him!

  40. bella92290 says:

    OMG are we talking about the same horse???? His name was Gerry when we got him (they said after a giraffe) but he did not look like a giraffe to us. So after MONTHS (I told my daughter his name would be horsey if she did not pick) she chose DJ (to go along with his name) and it stuck. Let me know if it is him, I think if it is you might have known him in a part of NY, then I think he went to PA???

  41. colwilrin says:

    If its him, which I’m pretty sure it is, I knew him in NY…I had only been with that trainer for a few months before “Gerald” left with some of his barn mates to go to PA…and then I heard he was sold to a Jr. Exhib for hunt seat.

    My trainers, the NY people, told me that they saw him this year (I think at New England?) and that he looked like a totally different horse. They were very impressed at how he had developed and at his natural talent. They said that your daughter rode him beautifully, they looked like a great team, and that the trainer had obviously done a wonderful job as well. I just had to go online and look at the proofs. He looks amazing!!! It is so wonderful to see a horse blossom like that and look so happy with his job and rider!

    Congratulations…you should be very proud of your daughter and “DJ”.

    BTW…love the name, it sure does fit!

  42. bella92290 says:

    I have chills reading this!! It is him!!!! OMG what a small world, and thank you so much for the compliments. Our trainer has done and amazing job with him and my daughter has grown so much riding him, they are blossoming nicely and I am proud of both of them. He loves to show and is well taken care of at the barn and loved by us all so much. He is of course a gem out of the ring also, loves people and treats, really does have quite the personality. The age group championship did not go so well at Mass, well let me re phrase that, they were awesome until he did a small rear, for the judge to see…..freshie he was being. Email me at horseluva90@hotmail.com and I will send you some pics we had Debbie take at the farm shoot. Thanks again, you made my day and again, what a small, small world it is!

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